Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book "The Survivors" by Angela White

About the Book: An action adventure quest, with a supernatural romance, and many other subplots, set during the aftermath of the apocalypse.
So what's really in this series? Here's a short list:
*The End of the World, right-up-close and full of apocalyptic horror.
*A government conspiracy that caused the apocalypse.
*An adventure into the wastelands to find family, supplies, and safety.
*A supernatural romance with a dangerous secret about a child's parentage and a love strong enough to survive the end of the world.
*An invasion, ambushes, attacks from Nature and man - guns and magic.
*A refugee camp with very different laws, picking up those who've survived.
*A Hero you'll love, even as you ponder the secrets that could lose him leadership.
*A Witch, a Doctor, a government Storm Tracker, a TV Star, and three Marines struggling to keep their people alive and together as they prepare to defend themselves against Cesar's Slavers.
*A constant battle for survival that includes deadly trips into decaying American cities, insanity, relics of the past, and ghosts that stalk their every move. 
Life After War. Magic and Reality blended into a post-apocalyptic fantasy series that you won't ever forget.

About the Author: Hello, I'm Angie. (Pen name) 
Little pleases me more than to explore the dark fantasy and horror stories in my head. Knowing other people like them, is second only to the magic of this new career I've chosen. As a die-hard Cincinnatian, I much prefer writing to the stresses of being a city Taxicab dispatcher. Thank you for making my dreams possible, and for looking at this page! 
Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, lets you and I take a little stroll. There's a story I need to let out of its cage and I think it's one you need to hear. It's about the end of the world as we know it... 
Note: Many of my books were removed until the new editors, Kim and Sharon, and I, could get them into top shape. It was clear from the reviews, that we had a lot of work to do. We began in Feb. As of Oct., we now have 9 of 11 titles finished and back online for your reading pleasure. The remaining books will return as soon as we finish them. 
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My Review: This is a very dark book, describing a reality that everybody wishes to be just fiction, but that the author brings with such vivacity that we feel like we are living the situation. Plot can be resumed in a few words: survivors struggle to adjust to the new world order. All the radiation emitted causes mutations on animals and sickness on people. Among the survivors we have a woman searching for her son that call for help of an old boyfriend, that turns out to be the real father of her son. He is a marine, as well as her current husband. Other parallel stories are developed, but the central one deals with survivors that are grouped in a community called Safe Heaven in search for a new place to establish themselves. But there are also the bad guys that are trying to take advantage of everything in this new lawless world.

I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that loves a well written book full of action. I bought this book from Opinion expressed here is my own.

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