Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book "Warriors - Omen of the Stars - Night Whispers" by Erin Hunter

About the Book: After the sharp-eyed Jay and the roaring Lion, peace will come on Dove’s gentle wing.
Jayfeather and Lionblaze are determined to uncover the real reason that ThunderClan was led into the deadly battle with ShadowClan. Meanwhile, Dovepaw grapples with a startling fact and realizes that evil is sometimes no more than a whisker’s length away. As tensions grow between the four Clans, one cat will make a stand for what is right—and another will be lost to the fight.

About the Author: Erin Hunter is the author of the bestselling Warriors and Seekers series. She is inspired by a love of animals and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world. As well as having great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich mythical explanations for animal behavior.

My Review: My daughter book this book and she is completely addicted to this author, so I decided to give it a shot with this particular volume. The plot is entertaining, but I felt that I missed a lot by not having read the previous books and knowing more about the clans and the characters. Now I feel like I have to go back and read the series from the start. My daughter has all the previous printed books, this one being the first she bought on electronic version. The characters are very well developed and the ambient is described in a way that you feel yourself in the story. Very easy reading, the plot flows in an adequate path. If I could complain (not really a complain, but...), I would suggest easier names for the cats. After a while you get used to read all the long names, but at first it was hard. It is like referring to a person by first name, middle name and last name every single time you mention that person in the story. Anyway, overall it was worth the experience and I shall read the series from the beginning, as I mentioned before.

I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that loves a well written book.  We bought this book from Amazon.com. Opinion expressed here is my own.

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