Friday, February 28, 2014

Balance of February

During the month of February, I reviewed the following:

- "Something Witchy" by A.J.Meyers. Read my review.
- "Cold Energy" by James M.Corkill. Read my review.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book "Cold Energy" by James M.Corkill

About the Book: When the Polar Ice Sheet mysteriously expands by thousands of square miles, the sudden freezing temperature begins to alter the weather patterns on a global scale. At the same instant, an earthquake destroys the City of Victoria Canada, and awakens the sleeping Mount Baker volcano north of Seattle. Alex joins the owner and scientists on the research ship, Mystic, who had accidently activate a mysterious device deep in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington. Soon they discover that another strange device has been activated in the Arctic Ocean, and is causing the increasing size of the Polar Ice sheet. If it continues, the world will enter a new ice age.
As they begin a harrowing journey to locate the device and shut it down, they don’t realize that the Captain and his first mate plan to murder the crew and steal the Mystic before they complete the mission. If Alex and the scientists fail, humanity will be extinguished by COLD ENERGY.

About the Author: "Hello. I would like to take you on exciting adventures here on our planet, with courageous people in dangerous situations, desperately trying to save humanity.
I'm a retired federal firefighter from Whidbey Island, Washington. Before that, I was an electronics technician and part time mechanical engineer at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I was in the military, and served in Vietnam. Being retired allows me to write full time and blend my knowledge with my imagination to create the adventures I would like to go on. When I was fourteen I moved to a small place called Orcas Island in Puget Sound; a community of around seven hundred people at that time. Fortunately for me, the famous horror writer, Hugh B. Cave, lived on one of the islands and became my mentor, though I don't write in that genre. The most important lesson he taught me was, only write what you know. Accurate details lend credibility and believability to the story. With that in mind, I do extensive research for my stories. Thanks for joining me on my adventures. It's not always easy finding good books to read. If you liked this one, please write a review on Amazon. Thanks! James M. Corkill. You can visit me at

My Review: This is a brilliantly written story, that develops in a fast pace . If you thought that the story of our hero, an ex-CIA agent named Alex Cave, could not get better after Dead Energy, you were completely wrong. In this episode, world is experiencing some strange strong earthquakes that affects only a very localized area and other major climate changes. Alex Cave is involved in the journey to figure out what is going on, as his hometown is directly affected by the situation. With the help of friends on a research boat named Mystic, they found a device that, if activated, is causing all those problems. Soon they realize that there is more than one device on Earth and they enter in a run for saving the planet before it is too late. There are unexpected opposition from inside their group and the story develops in a very fast pace. You will read the book on the edge of your seat. Every turn of a page brings more excitement and it is guaranteed that you will be entertained for hours. It took me about ten hours to read the whole book.

I just hope this is not the end of Alex Cave adventures! I can hardly wait to read more! You definitely should try James Corkill's books. His intelligent plots are here to stay.

This book was written by James M.Corkill and I received an electronic version for reviewing. I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Book "Something Witchy" by A.J.Myers

About the Book: "My name is Ember Blaylock. Welcome to the World of Weird—better known as my life.
It wasn’t always like this. I was once a normal high school senior, just filling out college apps and trying to stay sane long enough to get out of Moonlight, Missouri. Preferably before I ended up in a straight-jacket out of sheer boredom.
At first, my only problems were my increasingly unwanted ability to see the dead and my desperation to remove the stalker known as my ex-boyfriend from my life. Somewhere along the line I must have pissed off the Bad Karma Fairy. Maybe I stepped on the wrong toadstool or peed in Loki’s personal swimming pool—I really don’t know. All I do know is I’m about to have the worst week of my life. Maybe the worst week of any teenager’s life. Ever.
All because of a dead guy.
From the second pale, too-hot-to-be-real Nathan Ashley stepped out of the wreckage of his mangled sports car, my life spiraled into complete and utter chaos. One minute, I'm quasi-normal, the next I’m being kidnapped by a vampire, I’m having weird, creepy powers sprout up out of nowhere, and I’m running from a demon who wants to get more familiar with my anatomy…or kill me. Again. Yeah, did I mention he's done it before?
Anybody know if those straight-jackets come in pink?"

About the Author: AJ Myers lives in her own little world—but, according to the IRS, she actually resides in Mississippi—with her husband, who she loves more than life, her four amazing kids, a spoiled rotten bullmation named ghost, and a crazy cast of family and friends who are perpetually keeping things interesting for her.
On her own words, "I'm a prolific Paranormal Romance author who started writing for my daughter in 2008 when she ran out of vampire series to read. I'd never written a book before that, but by the time I finished that book for her I had the fever. I've been doing what the nagging voices in my head tell me to do ever since. I work full time, run a family, and still manage to put out two novels a year. To hear my husband tell it, I type in my sleep!" 

My Review: This is a very well written book, very entertaining plot and will keep you hooked until the end. Our main character, Ember, is a young teenager who sees dead people. She thinks she might be crazy, but that is nothing compared to what is about to happen in her life. She is introduced to a whole new world of craziness, with vampires, witches and ghosts, and she quickly finds out that she is not completely normal, when her hidden powers start emerging. This book has all ingredients to be a success among young adults. It will keep you reading late into the night.
I bough this book from and opinion expressed here is my own.