Friday, May 31, 2013

Balance of May

During the month of May, I reviewed the following:

- "Heavenly Signs II" by Mel Gable. Read my review.
- "The Elite" by Kiera Cass. Read my review.
- "God Speaks To His End-Time Calls for Man" by Anthony Alan. Read my review.

Other Products:
- "Super-Brella Umbrella Chair - 360 Degree Sun Protection Chair" by SKLZ. Read my review.
- "Hit-A-Way Softball Swing Trainer" by SKLZ. Read my review.
- "Pro Grade Power Tee - Ultra Durable Baseball Tee" from SKLZ. Read my review.
- "QuickSwing PX4 Baseball Trainer" by SKLZ. Read my review.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Book "GOD Speaks to His End-time Calls for Man" by Anthony Alan

About the Book: Each call in this collection speaks its own specific knowledge. These did not originate from human reasoning or intellect. In that sense, alone, each deserves close examination as to the origin, the intent and the truthfulness both implicit and contained.
“I, The Lord Jesus, am involved with man since his beginning – in his time frame of the being of his presence, in his shuttering against the storms and trials, in his inoculations for good health, in his preservation from demonic forces, in his quest for wisdom, in his accumulating knowledge.
I, The Lord Jesus, am the nurturer of creation, the instigator of the fathering of life, the springboard for existence, the bringer of awareness to the spirit of man, the participator in the progression of man towards his God, the prime mover in the exaltation of man as the end-time of preparation ends.
I, The Lord Jesus, am the epitome of completeness, the author of reconciliation, the architect of redemption, the offeror of salvation, the definer of morality, the good shepherd of His sheep.
I, The Lord Jesus, speak to man this day of his being in the end-time of his mortality, of his being at the cross-roads of existence, of his being subject to the tipping of the scales of his freewill. For as the scales are tipped so the destiny is procured. For as the scales are tipped so the freewill of man decides. For as the scales are tipped so the existence in eternity becomes instated with a dwelling place. For the scales of destiny are accurate and refined: verify the weight of sin, verify the presence of grace. For the scales of destiny do not seesaw in indecision – know the arguments of sin, know the overwhelming bounty of grace. So man pays the penalty of sin or receives the accolade due grace, is destined for the depths of darkness or is uplifted to the light: has his freewill demanding respect – from the detailed record, or has his freewill deserving honour – borne of righteous faith.
I, The Lord, will greet all those awaiting Me, will turn My back on those unknown and weighted down with sin. The entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life, for each within mortality, is only valid, only remains on offer, only stands open for acceptance: within a timeline shrinking fast, within a timeline prior to My return, within a timeline set for expiry on the use-by day.
The timeline as set for man has been determined by God. The timeline as set for man is soon to reach its fullness. The timeline as set for man is for his preparation, is for his acquisition of wisdom borne of God, is for his enabling of a journey borne of a freewill commitment with honour to the fore.”

About the Author: Anthony is 72, having been married to his wife, Adrienne, for 49 years. They have five children all of whom are married: Carolyn, Alan, Marie, Emma and Sarah and eleven grandchildren: Matthew and Ella; Phillipa and Jonathan; Jeremy and Ngaire; Jake and Finn; Bjorn, Greta and Minka. 
Anthony was raised on a dairy farm in Springston, Canterbury, NZ in the 1940’s. He graduated from Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ with a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Mathematics in 1962. He was initially employed as an industrial chemist in flour milling and linear programming applications. These used the first IBM 360 at the university for determining least cost stock food formulations and production parameters. Later he was involved in similar applications on the refining side of the oil industry in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. This was followed by sales and managerial experience in the chemical industry. 
The family moved to a Bay of Plenty, NZ, town in 1976 when Anthony took up funeral directing, as a principal, expanding an initial sibling partnership until the close of the century. Anthony acquired practical experience in accounting, business management, and computer usage (early Apples - including the ‘Lisa’). 
Upon retiring from active funeral directing in 2000 and selling his interests, he then commenced the promotion and the writing of funeral management software for the NZ funeral environment. Rewarded with national success, he has now also retired, in 2007, from the active management of that interest, living with his family in Hamilton NZ. 
Anthony was brought up in the Methodism of his father until his mid-teens, his mother’s side was Open Brethren. He is Christian in belief within an Apostolic Pentecostal framework of choice (since the 1990’s) having been earlier in the Mormon church for several years. Thereafter he was in the Baptist denomination followed by finding a home within the Acts (Apostolic) church movement. 
Both He and his wife, who has visited a number of Asian countries, have been to India twice in the last 2 years (2011-12) on The Lord’s tasks.

My Review: This is quite an intriguing book. It is not like the traditional stories with characters and a story line. It is different. In terms of contents, it is great, full of warnings about many different subjects, all related to how God expect us to behave in different contexts. The format is different of what you would expect from a traditional writing. It remind me poetry style, but with some special particularities. This is a book that you do not read in one sit, but read a topic per day, savoring its message. And although the format might be difficult to read, the message is crystal clear. We should stay away from sin and be prepared for the return of Christ at the end of times, keeping our faith strong.
At the introduction he claims that the calls he describe in the book are not of his own writing, but should have the words "And I hear The Lord Jesus saying..." denoting that part of the text is of a Divine origin. The author divides the topics (or calls) he addresses mostly in two pages sections for a total of 56 calls, like "Surroundings of Man", "Purity of My Bride", "Lack of Faith", "My People", etc.
I recommend this book to all Christians that wants a boost of confidence that they are in the correct path for their salvation. The author shares his views and his solid faith and we should praise him for that! I would give this book a 3.5 to 4 starts (out of 5) and I would not mind at all paying for this book something up to US$ 4.99. was kind enough to provide this book for me for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Product "QuickSwing PX4 Baseball Trainer" by SKLZ

About the Product: Joe Mauer's original Quickswing is an effective batting aid for developing a short, quick swing. The Quickswing PX4 is the next evolution offering 3 additional ways to train: tee simulation, soft toss and turnaround double play. The PX4 is a versatile solo trainer or coaches tool. It auto-feeds 12 baseballs, eight softballs, or 14 SKLZ small training balls every six, eight, and ten seconds. If you add the included adjustable angle rebounder, the QuickSwing becomes a soft toss machine.

  • Multi-use batting and fielding trainer. 
  • Develops fast hands, sharp reaction times and solid mechanics. 
  • Ideal for any skill level. 
  • Auto-feeds 12 baseballs, 8 softballs or 14 small training balls. 
  • Releases balls every 6, 8 or 10 seconds. 
  • Unit requires 3 size AA batteries (not included)

My Review: This is a very simple product consisting of a tube that is attached to a support in an angle that make the balls slide towards the open end. You feed balls from the top and there is a mechanism that releases the ball every 6, 8 or 10 seconds (you chose the time according to your needs). Depending on the configuration you assemble it, the ball might bounce on a trampoline so you can hit it afterwards. You can also try to hit the ball before it bounces. But the overall idea is that this equipment helps you to increase your eye/swing coordination. After two weeks using this equipment, my daughter showed better results in her hitting during games.  This is a valuable equipment, not expensive like a real throwing machine, and produce the expected results is you dedicate some time for your training. was kind enough to provide this product for me through their Vine Program for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Product "Pro Grade Power Tee - Ultra Durable Baseball Tee" from SKLZ

About the Product: The professional-grade Power Tee is made for players who are serious about their game. The heavy-duty base stands up to even the heaviest hitters. Train throughout the whole strike-zone with the adjustable height.

  • Ultra-durable construction to withstand thousands of swings from elite players. 
  • Steel plate base for maximum durability and stability. 
  • Pro stem tip for a low profile that doesn't interfere with the player's swing. 
  • Smooth stem and insert movement for quick adjustment and break down. 
  • Adjustable height from 21to 38 inches.

My Review: This is like the traditional T used for training on your swing at baseball/softball balls. Extremely easy to assemble, it is solid and made with excellent quality. My daughter is using this product for the last two weeks and she cannot be happier. Her hitting already improved in real games during last weekend. was kind enough to provide this product for me through their Vine Program for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Book "The Elite" by Kiera Cass

About the Book: Kiera Cass’s The Elite is a must-read for fans of dystopian fiction, fairy tales, and reality TV. This sequel to The Selection will enchant teens who love Divergent and The Bachelor.
In America Singer’s world, a bride is chosen for the prince through an elaborate televised competition. In the second book of the Selection series, America is one of only six girls left in the running. But is it Prince Maxon—and life as the queen—she wants? Or is it Aspen, her first love?
The Elite delivers the adventure, glamour, political intrigue, and romance readers of The Selection expect, and continues the love triangle that captivated them.

About the Author: Kiera Cass graduated from Radford University with a degree in History. She grew up in South Carolina and currently lives in Blacksburg, Virginia with her family. In her spare time, Kiera enjoys reading, dancing, making videos, and eating unhealthy amounts of cake. You can learn more about Kiera at, follow her on twitter via @kieracass, and see her silly videos at

My Review: This is another entertaining book, very well written and with a captivating plot that will keep your attention till the last page. The story is based on a classical love triangle, with the young lady being the attention of a prince (Maxon) in one hand and a castle guard (Aspen) in the other hand. This book starts with the initial group of thirty five being trimmed down to six. Kiera is so good describing the environment and her characters, that you fell like you are in the story, following every step of our heroine and her two loves. This book brings battles with rebels and more intrigues and discussions among the remaining ladies. The only bad thing is that the story still does not finish here. There will be a sequel and we will have to wait for that to see what America will done and how she will guide her heart.
Although this book is classified as a novel for young adults, I am sure it will please even those not that young anymore. I would recommend this book to any reader that wants to be entertained for some hours (It took me around twelve hours to read the whole book) with a very well written book by Kiera Cass. My younger daughter bought the electronic version of this book from for her kindle but this time I was also expecting it very much to continue savoring this wonderful story.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Product "Hit-A-Way Softball Swing Trainer" by SKLZ

About the Product: The SKLZ Hit-A-Way solo batting trainer simulates real pitches to help softball batters master their swing mechanics and improve hand-eye coordination, pacing, timing, and confidence - without having to chase a ball. The Hit-A-Way Swing Trainer allows you to perfect your swing or learn to switch hit without the headache of lost balls or broken windows. It's height and weight adjustable, attaches securely to most trees and poles, is easy to set up and can be storied or carried in bat bags, backpacks, or carryalls. Features:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination, batting power, pacing, timing, and confidence. 
  • Helps players develop a better swing and stance mechanics. 
  • Height adjustable. 
  • Practice for switch-hitting; great for right or left-handed batters. 
  • Attaches securely to most trees and poles; easy to set up in seconds for hours of use. 
  • Practice solo-anytime, anywhere. 
  • Solidify swing mechanics. 
  • Ages 7 and up.

My Review: I've got this trainer for my daughter, as she was struggling on the hitting aspect of her game. I made her practice half an hour per day and after two weeks she start hitting again at games. Was that a result of the trainer? Hard to say, but the extra exercise does not hurt at all. I assembled the trainer at the pole of my basketball hoop and it worked very well. The system is very easy to assemble and disassemble, taking no more than a minute  with a set of very strong velcro straps. Very resistant product for a decent price. was kind enough to provide this product for me through their Vine Program for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book "Heavenly Signs II" by Mel Gable

About the Book: What happens when we die? Do we live on in some other realm or do we return to the dust of the earth? Man has searched for answers to the age old question of what will happen to him. God has given us the signs in the heavens and modern technology has given us the tools to unlock the mysteries. In Matthew 24:30, Christ states “and then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky…….” Do you know what the sign is in the sky? Explore with the author, Mel Gable, deep into space and learn how to look for the signs and their significance. Point by point, Mel Gable lays the groundwork and explains the Rapture and its timing through the movement of the constellations, planets and stars in God's “Grand Design.” The magnificent light tunnel and light cone, which you see on the cover, play a major role between the heavens and the earth. What is it? As you read the book, plan to be surprised, amazed and stunned by God's “Grand Design” for the Rapture during the End Times.

About the Author: Mel Gable is just a simple bond-servant of Christ, who has known his Lord and Savior for more than fifty years. Mel Gable is from corporate management of high-tech silicon IC design companies in Orange County California. His last position was as President, C.E.O, and Chairman of INDIGITA Corporation. Previously, he was with Q.L.O.G.I.C. Corporation, a N.A.S.D.A.Q.-listed public company, as President, C.E.O, and Member of the Board of Directors. He previously held engineering management positions at E.M.U.L.E.X., Western Digital, 3M and Ford Motor Company. He holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Michigan where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He has written over 20 journal and symposium articles and is the inventor on eleven U.S. patents.

My Review: This is a very interesting book that clearly shows a lot of study on the Scriptures and research on sky maps, looking for eclipses and all type of signs described on the Bible.

The author came up with his interpretation of the Scriptures and using a very interesting software ("Starry Night" by Simulation Curriculum Corp) which maps the sky on any date in the past or future, he found out some matches for his interpretation on the end of times and the rapture, based on what is written on the Scriptures.

Very entertaining reading, the book is full of beautiful illustrations. If you read the previous book with the Title "Heavenly Signs - Grand Design for Christ's Return", you might find some repetitive concepts and definitions, but this is always good to make it sink into our minds. This is not the type of book that you read in one sit. You need to read and savor each chapter. One chapter per day is a good reading rate.

I recommend this book to the permanent library of any person that is interested in Eschatology, as well as on knowing different interpretations or point of views on what is coming at the end of the days and when the rapture will happen.

This book was written by Mr. Mel Gable and published by WestBowPress in March of 2013.  The  author was kind enough to provide me a copy for reviewing. I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Product "Super-Brella Umbrella Chair - 360 Degree Sun Protection Chair" by SKLZ

About the Product:
  • Fold-out sport chair with 360 degree swivel Sport-Brella. 
  • Complete sun protection in any direction, can even be adjusted for wind protection. 
  • Sport-Brella includes UPF 50+ lining for maximum sun protection. 
  • Chair and Sport-Brella fold down together for compact transportation in included carry bag. 
  • Chair includes a cup holder, zippered item pouch, and a bottle opener.

My Review: Besides having a beautiful design, this chair is very light, easy to carry and easy to fold back into its bag after using it. The asymmetric umbrella guarantees that you are well protected from sun or rain and when it folds, it sits just at the right back leg of the chair. The two adjustment wheels allows you to move the umbrella virtually anywhere. Excellent acquisition for a decent price. I have been using it to watch my daughter's softball games. It might not be the most comfortable chair and it might not support high winds, but it is decently resistant for my weight (220 pounds). was kind enough to provide this product for me through their Vine Program for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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