Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book "Average Joe" by Troy Meeder

About the Book: “What is happening to my life?”
Have you ever honestly asked yourself that question? As young boys, we dreamed of being pilots, firefighters, doctors, and cowboys. Now we’re older, with a wonderful wife and kids, as well as a mortgage, a minivan, and a fulfilling but not-so-glamorous job. What happened? All the dreams that once inspired us have evaporated into traffic jams, computer screens, bills, and deadlines. Why is life so ordinary?
If you think your life is nothing special, take a look at it through God’s eyes.
The revealing truth is that God chooses “ordinary,” faithful men to do His most important work—regular guys like Peter the fisherman, David the shepherd, Stephen the waiter, Gideon the farmer, Paul the tentmaker, and even Jesus the carpenter. In this engaging book, Troy Meeder blends stories about biblical characters and contemporary men to show that an “average-Joe” life, an “ordinary” existence, shapes a man’s integrity, moral stability, resolve, and strength.
The world desperately needs an army of “average Joes.” Like you.

“Troy Meeder’s heart-felt accounts from both his own personal experience and those of friends and family touch a raw nerve in your soul…. Average Joe reminds us that living a life focused on faith, family, and friends is what makes a man exceptional.”
—Rick Wiggers, average Joe and account manager

Includes a study guide for use by men’s groups.

About the Author: Troy Meeder. Well what can a guy say. Over 50, married to Kim for going on thirty years, yes . . . she still is my best friend, love of my life and truest companion. Been a lot of things over the years; corporate VP, youth pastor, Landscape Contractor and gentleman rancher. Founded and built Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Once an equine rescue facility, now a place of healing, safety, faith and unconditional love for thousands of visiting children. Crystal Peaks hosts over 5000 visitors a year. Kim and I have hiked a hundred mountains, rode horses over thousands of dusty trails and enjoyed many nights around the campfire. Free time, when I get it, is spent fishing the rivers of Oregon, riding my Friesian horse, Eclipse, working on the ranch, even a scuba dive every now and then. Average Joe is my first book. I trust you will enjoy reading about men that have changed the world around them. Men that have an intense love for Jesus Christ, their families and life. While what the world would consider as mere Average Joe's, these guys have embraced integrity, morality and honor. In the face of compromise, they have stood their ground. From a special operations soldier serving in Iraq to a weathered old man in Sri Lanka, these true stories remind us as men, the importance of a mans character, his word and a steadfast resolve.

My Review: This is a very enjoyable and inspirational reading for average Joe's like myself. It really makes us confident that God loves us as we are.
The author tells famous stories about some of the most known biblical characters and also some other personal stories he collected during the years.
He also makes us think about our ordinary life and how God uses us in His plan. Being average is not boring. It can be as exciting as being a celebrity. It all depends on the perspective. But you have to be not just another average, but the best average you can be, and God will work through you, touching the lives of those surronding you in a powerful way that will make you feel very special for God. Live your life with strong moral principles and transmit those principles to others and you may be changing the life of many around you.
Very powerful book, that I recommend to be in the permanent library of any serious Christian that needs to be reminded on the God's extraordinary calls to ordinary men!
This book was written by Troy Meeder and was published in April 2011 by WaterBrook Multnomah Books and they were kind enough to provide me a copy for reviewing through their Blogging for Books Program. Thanks, Mr. Troy Meeder, for such an inspirational book!

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