Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book "Hell Is Real (But I Hate To Admit It)" by Brian Jones

About the Book: Eternal Damnation, Really?
The first four years that Brian Jones was a pastor, he had a secret: he didn’t believe in hell. Today, he shares his story of discovering that hell exists—and why we’re afraid to believe in it.
Are you one of the many Christians who doesn’t believe in hell or is not convinced your non-Christians friends will end up there? Hell Is Real (But I Hate to Admit It) will change your mindset for good—and inspire you to do something about it. Drawing on the teachings of Jesus, Jones will lead you into a head-on collision with what he calls apocalyptic urgency. This all-consuming conviction that hell is real will not only strengthen your faith; it will also free you to share good news with others that will change their lives—now and forever.

About the Author: Brian Jones is the Senior Pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley, an innovative community of faith he and his wife helped start in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Today more than 2,000 people call CCV their spiritual home.
Brian is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University (B.A.), Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and has served in leadership positions in churches for over twenty years. His humorous and raw style has made him a popular speaker for conferences, seminars, churches, and retreats. Brian is passionate about the areas of evangelism and church planting, Christian growth and discipleship, family and relationships, Christianity and popular culture, and innovative approaches to spiritual leadership.
Brian’s latest book, Hell Is Real (But I Hate To Admit It), will be released August 1, 2011. Brian suggests that the real reason most of us don’t tell our friends about Jesus has nothing to with not knowing how. It’s because we don’t think we need to. His prayer is that this latest book changes that mindset.
Brian enjoys watching his daughters' soccer and LAX games, losing golf balls on tight fairways, blowing a morning fishing for trout, and watching God's favorite football team: THE Ohio State Buckeyes. For twenty-two years Brian has been married to “that cute little girl with the big brown eyes” he met in fifth grade church camp. Now he and his wife Lisa have three little girls of their own.

My Review: This book is a work of art, where the author is not shy on giving us all details about why hell is real, supported by innumerous biblical passages that he referred inside his text.

He tries to answer four basic questions, in a total of 12 chapters. His questions are: If Hell is Real... Why Don't I Believe It? Why Am I Afraid To Admit It? How Can I Get Serious About It? How Can I Help Others Avoid It?

So he tell us his story, how come he did not believe in hell until four years after becoming a pastor, when through reading and studying he concluded that hell is real and he started an apocalyptical urgent campaign to spread the word, without sugar-coating the message.

For me it shows clearly that if we care about a non-Christian friend, we should be willing to take the risk of losing a friendship than allowing this friend going to hell for not telling him the naked truth about the salvation plan of our God.

I recommend this book to the permanent library of any serious Christian reader who is concerned about salvation of non-Christian people.

This book was written by Mr. Brian Jones and it was published by David C.Cook in August, 2011 and B&B Media Group were kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their blogger book review program.

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