Thursday, August 25, 2011

Product "Ravensburger Puzzle Store"

This Ravensburger Puzzle Store is excellent if used with "care". I am a puzzle maniac, having assembled jigsaw puzzles from 100 to 9000 pieces (a 13200 pieces is in the queue). I have used different techniques and products to store/move unfinished puzzles, like Fold and Go, Portable Jigsaw Roll, Jumbo Wooden Puzzle Plateau etc. and for the value, this is the best I found.
When I mentioned it must be used with care, I was referring to the fact that if you transport the puzzle using the handle, pieces might slide, so I recommend always moving it in horizontal position. I found out that it is excellent if you want to assemble in a sofa, placing it in your lap. Unfortunately it can be used only for small puzzles. If there was one for 3000 pieces, I would go for it.

Bottom line is that this is a valuable product for puzzle lovers for works in the range of 500 to 1000 pieces (for up to 500 pieces you most likely will not need to store or move, as you might be able to finish the puzzle in less than four hours). was kind enough to provide this product for me through their Vine Program for reviewing and I was not request to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.
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  1. Hi Roberto
    Do you have any recommendations on how to store completed puzzles? I complete mine on cardboard and then glue them down. Rather than stacking them on top of each other I would like to store them in an easily portable format.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    1. Dear Roberta:

      It all depends on the size of the puzzle. The small ones (and up to 3,000 pieces) I usually assemble in Foam Boards. They are very light and conveniently cheap. Staples sells on different sizes, at reasonable prices, like a 20''x30''x 3/16'' costs US$ 31.49 for 10 pieces, (item 909169 at Staples - US$ 3.15 per board) and usually in this size you can assemble and glue easily a 2,000 piece puzzle. As stated, the board being 3/16'' (5mm) gives your puzzle enough support. I usually cut the board (easily done with a cutter) after glueing the puzzle, leaving a border of 1'' at each side, so I can pin the board in my garage (that, at this point, is full of puzzles...).
      For puzzles 5,000 pieces and larger I go with a 4'x8'x5/32'' plywood (item 431178 - US$ 10.25 at Home Depot) that I pre-cut at Home Depot (or Lowe's) at the size of the puzzle plus 1 inch extra on each side... This is heavier and a little more expensive, but gives better support and for that size of puzzle I need that extra support. You might be able to accommodate up to a 6,000 piece in one of those 4'x 8' (feet) boards.
      So far I have assembled 2 x 5,000 pieces, 1 x 6,000, 1 x 8,000 pieces and 1 x 9,000, besides dozens of 3,000 and smaller. What help me a lot is that my wife and daughters also like the challenge, so we move fast. A 1,000 piece puzzle do not last a weekend, although the 8,000 piece one took us 2 months (most 2 to 3 hours at night work) to put together.
      Those were the most "portable" storage assemblies I could come up with... If you see in your research something clever, please share with me. It would be greatly appreciated.
      And last, for glueing the puzzle I use just the regular white glue, used in schools. After they dry, they turn to transparent.
      By the way, a good place to buy large puzzles is You should take a look at this site!

      Best Regards,

      Roberto Mattos

  2. HI Robert, You mentioned in your post that you had tried the "wooden Puzzle Plateau". What did you think of it? Do you still prefer the Ravensburger one? I just bought a puzzle board from Bits & Pieces and it turned out to be all cardboard. I seems like a piece of junk especially for the money I paid...

    1. Dear Allison:
      The wooden puzzle plateau is good but not practical. It is heavy and you have to transport with care. The beauty of this particular product from Ravensburger is that when you close it, the pieces are pressed together and you transport it easily on the vertical through the hanger, and it is light (it is like a cardboard and plastic structure. The only "problem" is that it fits only small puzzles, up to 1,000 pieces... :( ... Most likely smaller puzzles you do not even need to transport, as you can finish than in hours, but for larger than 1,000 we might be talking on 2 weeks for a 2,000 pieces or 4 weeks for a 3,000 pieces, and usually my wife is not thrilled to have our dinner table used for that long... But I still could not find a decent "storage/transport" product for big puzzles. If you come across something for big puzzles, let me know!!!