Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book "On Guard - Defending Your Faith With Reason and Precision" by William Lane Craig


About the Book: From the back cover: Do you worry that someone will ask you a question about your faith that you can’t answer? Have you tried to learn how to defend your faith but gotten lost in confusing language and theology? Do you struggle with times of spiritual doubt yourself?
This concise training manual by renowned scholar William Lane Craig is filled with illustrations, sidebars, and memorizable steps to help you stand your ground and defend your faith with reason and precision. In his engaging style, Dr. Craig offers four arguments for God’s existence, defends the historicity of Jesus’ personal claims and resurrection, addresses the problem of suffering, and shows why religious relativism doesn’t work. Along the way, he shares his own story of following God’s call.
This one-stop, how-to-defend-your-faith manual will equip you to advance faith conversations deliberately, applying straightforward, cool-headed arguments. You will discover not just what you believe, but why you believe—and how being on guard with the truth has the power to change lives forever.

About the Author: William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology. With earned doctorates in philosophy and theology, he has established a reputation as one of the most prominent Christian philosophers of our day. His publications, debates, and Internet presence ( have made him a highly visible champion of Christian faith. His seminary textbook, Reasonable Faith, is widely considered to be the best book on Christian apologetics today. God is Good, God is Great: Why Believing in God is Reasonable and Responsible (IVP), edited by Craig and Chad Meister, was chosen as Christianity Today's Book of the Year in the Apologetics/Evangelism category. He and his wife, Jan, have two grown children.

My Review: Being an electronic engineer I have to say that the logic and reasoning used by Dr. Craig in this book is completely blowing minded. Holding also a bachelor degree in Theology, I have to add that I am not ashamed to confess that I learned a lot with this book on how to defend my faith with property and confidence.
For all those who profess being a Christian, this is a must have book, by far the best on Christian apologetics that I read.
His language is simple, direct and the sequence of topics is very well organized, following precisely the logic and reasoning that you find in all his words. In ten Chapters he covers the following topics: What is apologetics?; What difference does it make if God exists?; Why does anything at all exists?; Why did the universe begin?; Why is the universe fine-tuned for life?; Can we be good without God?; What about suffering?; Who was Jesus?; Did Jesus rise from the dead? Is Jesus the only way to God?  
This book was written by Dr. William Lane Craig and was published by David C. Cook in March 2010. It is definitely an amazing book and I am very happy that B&B Media Group was kind enough to send me a copy for review. 

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