Friday, June 11, 2010

Virtual Book Tour "Beyond The Map's Boundaries" by Nibi Soto

The Plot: All Mattie and Trevor have ever known are happy, stable lives without any hint as to who they really are. Suddenly, all of that changes when Mattie begins having visions and witnesses historical events appearing on particles of light. Unbeknownst to her, Mattie was born into a family of time travelers. in order to save her from dissolving into the core of time, Trevor becomes her time link, making it possible for her to return to the present following each time travel into the past. With the accidental discovery of the Rings of Prather Mendell, Trevor now shares many of her powers. Together they try to foil the plans of an illicit time traveler from the future who will stop at nothing to possess the secret, supernatural abilities of the time travelers and the forbidden powers of the rings.

About the Author: Nibi Soto grew up along the Wasatch mountains in the Great Salt Lake valley. She has been called the quintessential Renaissance woman because of her wide variety of interests experiences and educational background. She’s has three advanced degrees, has been a journalist, newspaper editor, professional athlete, certified athletic trainer, intercollegiate coach, professional musician, industrial designer, artist, educator, author, professional speaker, wife, mother and grandmother. To her, life is not a rehearsal; it is the real thing and there’s no time to waste. She has authored and co-authored several health and nutrition books under the EAT & Be Lean logo since 1986. Her most resent adventure lies in the writing of a new time travel fantasy series for young adults called Beyond the Map’s Boundary. Her blog is located at and more insider information about Nibi can be found at

My Review: The plot is quite simple to follow. A young lady thinks she is living a normal life when suddenly she finds herself travelling in time. In her first experience travelling back in time, she finds her mother eight years earlier than her actual time and her mother explain to her that she belongs to a family of time travellers and she gives her daughter a book with all the rules involved in this adventure.  One of the rules is that you only goes back in time (you can return to your own time though, with the help of your Splitter). This skill allows for people to correct a specific problem that was never addressed during the original time period it occurred in. There is also those rings that allows Trevor to share most of Matties magical powers and they face together a challenge of having to stop an illicit time traveller that wants to have the secrets of this supernatural abilities and the forbidden power of those ring at all costs.

This is truly one of the most amazing time-traveller stories I ever read and for sure is among the best three books I've read this year. The plot is so full of twists that keeps us, the readers, on the edge on every page we turn. The description of the characters and their actions is so rich in details that we feel ourselves travelling together with Mattie or helping Trevor supporting her throughout the book.

When we talk about time travelling stories,  classics like The Time Machine (H.G. Wells), or Timeline (Michael Crichton) are always remembered. This book is destined to be remember as one of the greatest science-fantasy time-travellers stories ever. The author wrote a masterpiece that deserves a massive audience and I am eager to read the sequence of this incredible saga.

The cover was very well chosen, very appropriate,  and matches the theme of the book, being elegant and makes the prospective reader to wonder what the story is all about.

This book was written by Nibi Soto and it was published by Thornock International Productions Inc. on February 2010 and Pump Up Your Book was kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their Virtual Book Tour Program.

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  1. Dear Robert, thank you for such a wonderful review. We have used it in many of our promo pieces. I have completed writing the second book in the "Beyond the Map's Boundary" series called "The Chronicles of Quant". In your review of the first book you mentioned you were eager to read the sequel. If you would like a manuscript or ebook to review I'd be more than happy to send it to you. I wanted you to be the first to receive an offer. To get a review copy, email me at People who have read both say the second book is even better than the first and they loved the first book,too. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Dear Nibi: thanks for your kind words. I will be more than honored to read and prepare a review on your "The Chronicles of Quant".