Monday, December 31, 2012

Balance 2012

During 2012 I read, watched and reviewed the following:

- "Home Front" by Kristin Hannah. Read my review.

- "Guardian of the Gate" by Michelle Zink. Read my review.
- "Not For Parents - New York" a Travel Guide by Lonely Planet. Read my review.
- "Not For Parents - Paris" a Travel Guide by Lonely Planet. Read my review.
- "God Gave Us Two" by Lisa Tawn Bergren and art by Laura J.Bryant. Read my review.
- "The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge" by Tony Dungy and Nathan Whitaker. Read my review.
- "Moments of Truth" by John MacArthur. Read my review.

Other Products:
- "Paula Deen Dinnerware, 58180 Tatnall Street, 4 Piece Porcelain Place Setting, Bluebell ". Read my review.

- "Touchstone" by Melanie Rawn. Read my review.
- "Cyberlife" by W.H.Buxton. Read my review.
- "The Fourth Fisherman" by Joe Kissack. Read my review.
- "The Cloudy Corners of Creation" by Mark Tate. Read my review.

Other Products:
- "Case Logic Sleeve for 9-10.1-Inch Tablet/iPad". Read my review.

- "Life Promises for Couples" by Gary Chapman. Read my review.
- "The Genesis Code" by Abraham Lopian and Julie A.Snyder. Read my review.
- "Farsighted" by Emlyn Chand. Read my review.
- "Animated Realism" by Judith Kriger. Read my review.
- "Puerto Rico" by Nate Cavalieri and Beth Kohn. Read my review.
- "iOS5 Programming" by Rob Napier and Mugunth Kumar. Read my review.

- "Pabby's Score" by James Ross. Read my review.
- "The Canker Death" by James Bottino. Read my review.
- "Amsterdam" - a Travel Guide by Lonely Planet - Karla Zimmerman and Sarah Chandler. Read my review.
- "God Gave Us Love" - by Lisa Tawn Bergren and art by Laura J.Bryant. Read my review.
- "Greece Day By Day" - a travel Guide by Frommer's - Stephen Brewer and Tania Kollias. Read my review.


- "Into the Mist: Silver Hand" by Steve Finegan. Read my review.
- "A Heart Like His" by Beth Moore. Read my review.
- "Alaska" - a travel guide by Frommer's - by Kris Capps et al. Read my review.
- "Immortality" by Stephen Cave. Read my review.
- "The Last Refuge" by Ben Coes. Read my review.

- "3D Puzzle - Empire State Building, 216 pieces" by Ravensburger. Read my review.


- "Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus" by Joyce Magnin. Read my review.
- "The Truth About Grace" by John MacArthur. Read my review.
- "Seven Hours Omnibus" by Mike Dellosso et al. Read my review.
- "Spark (Sky Chasers)" by Amy Kathleen Ryan. Read my review.

- "Neuschwanstein Castle 2000 PiecePanorama XXL Puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.
- "Evening in Rome 1000 Piece StarlineGlow-in-the-dark Puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.
- "Underwater Paradise 9000 piece puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.


- "Desires Revealed" by Rebeka Harrington. Read my review.
- "Eye of the Sword" by Karyn Henley. Read my review.
- "Greco's Game" by James Houston Turner. Read my review.

- "Cinque Terre, Italy 1500 Piece Puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.
- "Harbor in Portofino, Italy 1000 Piece Puzzle" by ravensburger. Read my review.
- "HP59BL Pillows Stereo Ear Buds - Blue" by RCA. Read my review.
- "In Paris, 1500 Piece Puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.


- "Xcode 4 Unleashed" by Fritz Anderson. Read my review.
- "Crater" by Homer Hickam. Read my review.

- "Natural View Anti-Glare Screen Protector for the New iPad (3rd Generation) and the iPad 2 (NVAGiPad3RTL)" by 3M. Read my review.


- "Leading Through Hope" by Joseph Okpanachi and Bramwell Osula. Read my review.
- "Not Famous Anymore" by Michael Loyd Gray. Read my review.
- "Latitudes: A Story of Coming Home" by Anthony Caplan. Read my review.
- "Shades of Souls Passed" by Teresa Andrews. Read my review.


- "Remember Me" by Brian MacLearn. Read my review.
- "Falstaff's Big Gamble" by Hank Quense. Read my review.
- "Last Regress" by Rachael J.Thorne.Read my review.
- "The Prayer of Love" by Dr. Mark Hanby and Roger Roth, Sr. Read my review.
- "King Biscuit" by Michael Loyd Gray. Read my review.
- "Riverwalker" by Bud Bradshaw. Read my review.

- "Tower of Pisa - 1500 pieces puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.
- "Big Ben 216-piece 3D Building Set" by Ravensburger. Read my review.


- "Bedeviled" by Sable Grace. Read my review.
- "The Two Agreements" by S.L.Brannon. Read my review.
- "12.21" by Dustin Thomason. Read my review.
- "The Hidden Village" by Greg Krehbiel. Read my review.

- "Island of Hordaland, Norway 1500 Piece Puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.
- "Backup Plus 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive for Mac" by Seagate. Read my review.
- "Tower Bridge 3D Puzzle" by Ravensburger. Read my review.


- "The 13th Tribe" by Robert Liparulo. Read my review.
- "Midnight City" by J.Barton Mitchell. Read my review.
- "Belstarr The Lost Toymaker" by David Jack, Daniel Morrow and Stella Perrett (illustrator). Read my review.
- "The Munching Yak" by David Jacks, Daniel Morrow and Sushil Shrestha (illustrator). Read my review.

- "3-Feet MIXIT Flat and Tangle-Free Aux / Auxilary Cable (Green)" by Belkin. Read my review.
- "Table Lamp With Speaker For iPod, iPhone, and iPad (White)" by iHome. Read my review.

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