Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book "Sword Bearer" by Teddy Jacobs

About the Book: Locked in his room in the castle, young Anders yearns for adventure. Until the day he opens a magic portal and a girl bursts into his locked room with a chemical warlock hot on her trail.
And adventure finds him -- an adventure full of danger, full of blood, fire, demons and evil. To face it, he'll need the sword given him by his blademaster, need the ancient words his grandfather gave him on his deathbed. Need the song that runs in his own blood, in his veins.
A sword will be reforged, magic words discovered, battles fought, friends made and lost, secrets revealed. And blood will be spilled. But will blade, word and blood be enough?

About the Author: Teddy Jacobs writes novels full of action and adventure from his home in New England. He's happy to have the opportunity to connect with readers all over the world through Amazon. Contact him at theodore AT teddyjacobs DOT com. Visit his website at www.teddyjacobs.com

My Review: This can be a very entertaining book if you disregard some minor inconsistencies in the story line. A young prince is locked into a studio by their parents while they go away in a quest, so he can do his homework. It is the eve of his 16th birthday. He is very concerned with his skin condition. While in the studio he senses that something is going wrong with his parents. He tries to use incense and drink tea in order to communicate with them, but that causes him to open a magic portal and through that comes a girl from a royal family from other kingdom. She is trying to escape from a powerful wizard, after stealing something that she claims the wizard took from her people. And them they start running away from the wrath of the wizard, until they find a lost city and mysteries start to be revealed about their family and their destiny.
I recommend this book to any young adult that wants to spend some hours with an entertaining reading.

I bought this book from amazon.com and opinion expressed here is my own.

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