Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book "Heavenly Signs III" by Mel Gable

About the Book: "Is it man's doing and God's will that the United States of America is doomed to fall? There are significant historical events that have caused the current conditions in this country. 'The eagle has risen' and 'the eagle falls' echo how far society has come and beg theses questions: Have we been here before? Does history repeat itself? Where is America heading, and is the world following suit? This third book in the Heavenly Signs series is entitled U.S. Eagle Falls. Author Mel Gable researches the components that are playing into this scenario and again studies the heavenly signs to answer these questions. It will be very clear to us if we keep looking up. Are you well-versed in what is happening today? Mel Gable explains in an orderly fashion the connections among science, the Bible, and history and masterfully shares his insights to enlighten us, the readers. Even though wickedness abounds, the author makes it clear that the Master Planner is in control and that His perfect plan will come to fruition. We need to place our faith and trust in our all-knowing God."-Yolanda Shirley 

About the Author: Mel Gable is just a simple bond-servant of Christ, who has known his Lord and Savior for more than fifty years. Mel Gable is from corporate management of high-tech silicon IC design companies in Orange County California. His last position was as President, C.E.O, and Chairman of INDIGITA Corporation. Previously, he was with Q.L.O.G.I.C. Corporation, a N.A.S.D.A.Q.-listed public company, as President, C.E.O, and Member of the Board of Directors. He previously held engineering management positions at E.M.U.L.E.X., Western Digital, 3M and Ford Motor Company. He holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Michigan where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. He has written over 20 journal and symposium articles and is the inventor on eleven U.S. patents.

My Review: Author Mel Gables deliver another well written book, showing a lot of research and in particular with this volume, a lot of personal opinion on abortion, gay marriage, separation of state/religion and other controversial topics. He makes crystal clear his position according to the Scriptures from the Christian faith. This is a very serious topic that Mr. Mel deals with mastery and no matter what the heavenly signs say, we have a lot to correct on our nation's behavior in order to go back to the track that pleases God and bring us prosperity. He reminds me Jonah and his role as a prophet bringing to Nineveh the message of imminent destruction if the population of the city does not repent from their sins. Mel here is acting as a prophet to our nation and I could not agree more with his firm position on the moral degradation that our country is experiencing. The only major detail here is that he put some dates on this imminent judgement that God is about to do based on heavenly signs, like eclipses, comets and red moons.
This is a must read book to any person that cares about the USA.

This book was written by Mr. Mel Gable and published by WestBowPress in September of 2013.  The author was kind enough to provide me a copy for reviewing. I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I will read it. Thanks for sharing.
    Does the author establish any links between the European hiatory in the century 12 to today's international policies?

    1. Jose: No, the author does not go that far as to trace parallels with international policies and European History in the century 12. He concentrate his analysis on American History and resolutions on our Supreme Court and how some of those resolutions taken fifty years ago are now affecting today's behavior in our society.