Monday, May 30, 2016

Book "AZ - Revenge of an Archangel" by Amir A. Bavar

About the Book: Azrail is an archangel, one of the original four. He's also the Angel of Death, the harvester of souls, the One who comes to your deathbed and offers redemption. Time and Man's constant atrocities, however, turn him into a bitter cynic until he finds Kay. She becomes his light, the beacon that brings him back from the depths of his darkened soul. But Lucifer couldn't have that, and orchestrates what he believes to be the perfect plan that will finally define Az's permanent downfall. Az is thrown far deeper than ever before into his hopelessness and contempt for Man. As he looms over the outcome of his brother's malefic plan, all he can see is his own end, all he can think of is a final and destructive revenge.
Az - Revenge of an Archangel, is a dark fantasy centered around the highest form of sibling rivalry: the fight between Lucifer and the Angel of Death for the human soul. But it is also about love, deception and self-discovery, and when a small light can touch you so deeply that you change and start believing once again. Az is a fast-paced, action packed story full of emotion, witty dialogue, and dark humor as narrated by the edgy angel of death himself.

About the Author: Amir Bavar was born in 1968 and is the author of four screenplays and four books, including the newly released, Az - Revenge of an Archangel. His screenplay, SHUTDOWN, was considered for production by New Line Cinema with Harrison Ford as one of the attached actors.
As a child, Amir lived in Iran, Italy, England, and Brazil. Later, he moved to the U.S. and majored in computer systems engineering with a concentration in creative writing. He met his future wife in engineering lab and got married soon after graduation. Together, they started a successful post-production and desktop publishing company.
Today, Amir lives with his wife and three children in Massachusetts and dedicates his time to writing.

My Review: This is a very well written and entertaining book, telling the story of Azrail, one of the four original archangels (the others being Michael (the Warrior), Gabriel (the Archangel of Truth and Judgement) and Lucifer (the Bringer of Light)). Being chosen to be the Angel of Death his role is to reach the death bed and to offer redemption to the soul. This novel describes all the conflicts since beginning of time between Azrail and Lucifer, since the creation of Man until modern times. His relations with Michael, Gabriel and mainly, his relation with Martha, Mary and Kay are well explored and the author did a magnificent job bringing to life those interesting characters that keep us cheering for our favorites. Az (short for Azrail) lost faith in mankind and Kay is the light that offers the hope of bringing his faith back.
After all, this is a very touching story, that will keep you entertained for hours. I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers that enjoy a very well written fantasy. You will not be disappointed. Also if you enjoy C.S.Lewis, you cannot miss reading this book. It reminded me a lot his prose style.

I received this book from the author for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinion expressed here is my own.

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