Monday, January 4, 2016

Book "Spirit Prophecy" by E.E.Holmes

About the Book: Two sisters, haunted by more than their past... Just weeks after discovering each other’s existence, Jess and Hannah Ballard arrive at Fairhaven Hall, where they will learn the clandestine ways of the Durupinen, an ancient sect of women who control the Gateways between the worlds of the living and the dead. Though they are considered outcasts by most of their classmates, Jess and Hannah are determined to learn what they can to fulfill their responsibility to the many ghosts that haunt them. But danger, it seems, has followed them as closely as a shadow to their new home, and they have more questions than ever. Who is the desperate child spirit pursuing Jess, and what do her terrifying visions mean? What has happened to Dr. David Pierce, Jess’ friend and mentor, who has suddenly and mysteriously vanished? And just what is it about Hannah’s unique abilities that has the other Durupinen frightened of her? The Ballard sisters are about to find out, and the answers could destroy their newfound life before it has even begun. Spirit Prophecy is the second thrilling installment in E.E. Holmes’ award-winning Gateway Trilogy.

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E.E. Holmes is the internationally best-selling author of the paranormal series, "The Gateway Trilogy". Her novel "Spirit Legacy (The Gateway Trilogy Book 1)", was named a first place category winner in both the Paranormal Awards and the Dante Rossetti Awards for Young Adult Fiction by Chanticleer Book Reviews and Media, and received a National Category Silver Medal in the 2015 IPPY Awards.
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My Review: This is the second book of this trilogy named "The Gateway". In the first book we were introduced to Jess (Jessica) and Hannah Ballard and we found out about their roles in the spiritual world. In this book they are headed to Fairhaven to learn how to control and use their abilities. Jess found out she is a Muse, while Hannah has a very particularly rare ability: she is a Caller. A faithful protector is introduced (Finn Carey) and alliances are settled. Other characters are also introduced, like Fiona, Savannah, Mackie, the Silent Child and many others. And in that particular world, intrigue, jealousy, friendship and an interesting prophecy are ingredients that make this story to be a magnificent sequel to the first book. 
This is a very intense book, very well written, with a rich plot developed from the point where the first book finished, and all characters are very well developed.  
I loved everything about this story. The writing style is wonderful, very well revised and edited, plot flows in high action/thriller style and there is plenty of action that makes you read the book in one weekend, at the edge of your chair. I really recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that likes action with paranormal activity. But I strongly recommend that you read the first book of this trilogy before starting this second book, so you can savor all the details of this incredible masterpiece. I can hardly wait until I put my hands on the third book (Spirit Ascendancy) of this trilogy (The Gateway Trilogy).

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