Sunday, January 17, 2016

Book "Coda" by Rajani Kanth

About the Book: Coda chronicles the life, and afterlife, of the Last Human left alive, in both flashback and future shock, after the Apocalypse of the Millennium, where timeless, masculinist aggression, and blindness, predictably destroy all life on Earth. It is a compelling philosophical, and quasi-religious, Post-Modernist narrative, that (re)solves eventually the Riddle of the Universe: from the unique vantage point of the Last Sentient Being left alive to ponder the Question of Existence. It may be likened to the quest of a Latter-day Siddhartha, albeit in the context of an apocalyptic world, sundered by global catastrophe.

About the Author: RAJANI KANTH, the Author, has, held affiliations with some of the most prestigious Universities in the world. He has also served as an advisor to the United Nations. He is the author/editor of several academic works in political economy and culture-critique, is a novelist and poet, and has also scribed several screenplays. He is, presently, a visiting scholar at Harvard University, and permanent Trustee of the World Peace Congress.
He takes a keen interest in Issues relating to Human Well Being, Women’s Issues, Peace, and Environmental Sustainability. His most current Academic work, in belles-lettres format, is The Post-Human Society, published by De Gruyter. He has also published, in the literary vein, a book of poetry, a novella, and a self-help work on nutrition and health. Hailing from India, he is a US citizen: and lives, for the most part, in solitary unconfinement in the scenic, if stark, foothills of the Wasatch Front in Utah.

My Review: This is a well written book, divided in four parts and a total of one hundred and fifty nine short chapters. 
Part One is called "The Journey" and shows our main character as the only survivor of a nuclear holocaust, in a journey searching for a mountain he can climb and find the sky and the sun, currently blocked by a dense cloud obscuring everything. But what he is really looking for are answers to some deep questions that troubled him. This first part is quite philosophical. 
The second part is called "The Return", and our hero re-entered his world, but at a time previous to having left it, although carrying with him the whole memory of what he experienced in the future. At this "present time", his son is only two years old. 
Third book is called "The Exile", when he decides to leave his home and stay wandering on the hills and started having visions and battles with his ego.
In fourth book, called "Nativity", he returns to his home and find that nothing changed. He starts taking care of his son while his wife starts traveling giving speeches and trying to save the world from finishing, while having an affair with a colleague. 
Very interesting end, this book makes you think a lot about what is worth in our lives. I recommend this book to all readers that like to think on what they read.

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