Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book “Glassford Girl - Parts 1 & 2” by Jay J.Falconer

About the Book: Teleportation. Telepathy. Superior strength and speed. Abilities no homeless girl should be without. Abilities she never wanted. Abilities she needs to learn how to control.
Despite all her abilities, Emily Heart just wants her old life back. Her life before being abducted and genetically transformed against her will. A life filled with family, friends, and a warm bed to sleep in.
Emily vows to find those responsible and make them pay for what they've done, but it won’t be easy. Not when a gang wants to kill her, cops want to arrest her, and a reporter wants to expose her.
However, Emily’s problems don’t end there. Any uncontrolled burst of emotion can send her jumping randomly across time and space, arriving naked and alone.
Emily doesn't quite know what she is, or what she's capable of, but she knows what she can't afford to do -- feel anything.
And she can’t afford to make any mistakes.

About the Author: Jay J. Falconer is an independent author, publisher, blogger, editor, engineer and Sci-Fi junkie who lives in the mountains of northern Arizona where the brisk, clean air and stunning mountain views inspire his workday.
He makes his online home at and is the author of the critically acclaimed Narrows of Time book series. If the mood strikes you, please use the Contact the Author form on his website to connect with him. Mr. Falconer would love to hear from you. He personally reads and responds to all inquiries. You may also connect with him on Facebook
Mr. Falconer is currently developing an all new action Sci-Fi series called Redfall. The first season is expected to be released in 2015.
His blog can be found online at
Check it out if you're interested in reading about the latest breakthroughs and announcements within the science and technology fields.

My Review: Emily Heart, our heroine, is a high student that is abducted together with her mother, when they are going to church. The abductors ended up killing her mother and she manage to scape. Having her body genetically altered, she now possess abilities that she cannot control. She starts jumping forward in time when she goes over strong emotional stress. Now she is homeless in Phoenix, trying to survive between her jumps in time. One of the most important rule she created is to never get involved with anyone, but she ends up meeting Junie in a homeless shelter. Junie is a young girl that lives in the streets. Emily also meets Derek, another street character, member of a dangerous street gang. One of Emily’s new abilities is to sense the real interior goodness of people when they are close to her and she knows that deep inside Derek is a good person. Another character is Jim Miller, a reporter that is following Emily’s appearance and has a full folder on her, with photos over a 30 year span showing that she did not age at all during this period. He tries to contact and protect her.
But the abductors did not give up on getting her back and are on her persecution, with highly advanced technology… How will that story end? The author did and incredible job creating a whole plot with his innovative way of exploring time travel. His characters are real, credible, and fully developed, in a way that we start cheering for Emily in every turn of the pages. The world he describes is our world and we start believing that everything is possible in his science fiction novel. It has been a while since I read such a good and stimulating book. Very well written, with excellent grammar and vocabulary, Kudos to the author. He got me hooked and I will be buying the remaining of the series to find out what will happen to Emily Heart.

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