Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book "Siege of Providence by Michael Kaiser

About the Book: A deep darkness has covered the world, causing humans and vampires alike to quake in their uneasy sleep. Monsters odd, bizarre, and gruesome stalk the countryside. Out of desperation, the vampires decide to rally to save the world, a rare gesture on their part, but needed because as humans perished, so too would vampires from lack of nourishment.
A vampire army under the leadership of the great Krossos is raised to lay siege to Providence, a massive fortress with walls towering into the clouds and the stronghold of the horrible Nine-Faced God, who torments the world with his demonic creations. After months of bloodied passage through deserts and inhospitable landscape, Krossos’ army arrive battered. After the loss of their second in command, Mazahem, Krossos’ biggest battle will be in keeping the troops together. If Krossos rallies the troops at the final battle, it will take more than brute vampire force to save the world.

About the Author: Mike. There are four words to describe him. Irresistibly charming, handsome, witty and above all else, modest. He believes in three things. To live life as he encounters it, to take advantage of opportunities as he sees it, and to always give more than he takes. Growing up in Washington state he has lived an adventurous life and considers himself a jack of all trades, starting his working career in fast food, rising through the ranks and becoming a manager for various companies, to working on a tugboat through and all around Alaska as a deckhand and cook, to working as a technician in telecommunications and home alarm security systems. At the age of 31, Mike was inspired and became very passionate and obtained a deep appreciation and respect for the art of entertainment in today’s society and how it comes to be. He started ‘Mikes Stories & Scripts’ to share with everybody the creative process that goes into entertainment, from the written story to the storyboard to the full fledged movie (with a lot of steps in between). His current goal is to motivate and inspire artists from all over the world and to help take and give a part in the creative efforts with the help of his staff and wonderful project coordinators, and to bring some amazing collaborations to peoples attentions.

My Review: This is a very well written story. The main character that acts as narrator is a vampire, general of an army of vampires, named Krossos, that has the task of saving the world. But his main interest is preserving humankind to nourish the vampires. In order to do that he needs to destroy the so called Nine-Faced god, that torments humans with his creatures. The description of the battles is superb and the environment is richly described. There are not that many characters on the story and the whole action is narrated by Krossos himself. The story is short and potentially might be continued in future episodes, but we have to wait to see which are the author's intention.
I recommend this book to any reader who loves a quick and smooth reading, that will keep him/her entertained for some hours.
I received this book from the author for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinion expressed here is my own.

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