Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book "Hook - Why Websites Fail to Make Money" by Andrew McDermott and Rachel McDermott

About the Book: Most websites will struggle (and fail) to make money.
Your website is a digital lighthouse for your business. It's meant to attract and guide customers to you. Naturally, it impacts the success of your marketing efforts and dictates whether people will actually buy from you.
The problem? Most websites are getting it wrong.
It's not your fault. But the fact remains, most of us have been lied to. We were trained to give customers the direct opposite of what they need.
In Hook Why Websites fail to make money, you'll learn:
  • Why customers don't seem to care about your solution to their problems
  • Why they always seem to resist - even when they need your help
  • How to fascinate and attract the type of customers you want
  • The inevitable part of selling that gets worse when you avoid it
  • Why it's a struggle to "seal the deal" and close the sale
  • Presentation conflicts that prevent customers from buying
  • How to move customers through the buying process naturally, without coercion or manipulation.

Hook shares answers to these problems in two parts, Story and Method. Each part offers different, yet complimentary lessons on why websites fail, how customers buy and ultimately, how to change things for the better.

About the Authors: Andrew McDermott is the co-founder and Marketing Director at WiseToWeb. He has extensive experience building brands, developing strategy and attracting customers. He's worked closely with CEOs, executives and startups as well as mom and pop organizations. He believes what you say is important, but how you say it - that's what sticks.
Rachel McDermott is the Managing Director at WiseToWeb, a development and marketing company located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She believes every interaction that takes place between people depends on the ability to communicate effectively.
Most businesses communicate accidentally. The message they send isn't always the one customers hear. She shows businesses how to communicate so customers will listen.

My Review: This is a very interesting reading for those who do not have a background in marketing and want to know why they are not hooking new customer for their business, being the business in the Internet or not. I believe that the high level concepts discussed in this book are general and apply to any circumstances.
All the discussions here are wrapped around a nice story, to make it more readable, but the importance of what is said here cannot be underestimated. The authors talk about target audience, triggers, problems, solutions, objections, testimonials, risk reversals, uniqueness of the business and presentation, all topics divided into chapters very well organized. This is a very useful book if you really want to improve your knowledge and want to apply it into your business in the hope of improving your results.

I bought this book from amazon.com in its electronic format.

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