Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book "Indelible" by Kristen Heitzmann

About the Book: In a clash of light and darkness, can courage prevail?
Rescuing a toddler from the jaws of a mountain lion, Trevor MacDaniel, a high-country outfitter, sets in motion events he can’t foresee. His act of bravery entwines his life with gifted sculptor Natalie Reeve - and attracts a grim admirer.
Trevor’s need to guard and protect is born of tragedy, prompting his decision to become a search and rescue volunteer. Natalie’s gift of sculpting comes from an unusual disability that seeks release through her creative hands. In each other they see strength and courage as they face an incomprehensible foe.
When a troubled soul views Trevor as archangel and adversary, Redford’s peaceful mountain community is threatened. Together with Police Chief Jonah Westfall, Trevor presses his limits to combat the menace who targets the most helpless and innocent.

About the Author: Kristen Heitzmann is the bestselling author of seventeen novels, including The Edge of Recall and the Christy Award winner Secrets. An artist and music minister, Kristen lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, Jim, and their family.

My Review: This is a magnificent book, very well written and easy reading page-turner novel with a delightful plot. The author managed to create a set of characters that touch us deeply  in all aspects.
Trevor MacDaniel is our hero, a former Olympian who now works as a rock climber instructor and also take customers rafting. In the meantime he does search and rescue missions, when necessary. Natalie Reeve is our heroine, an art gallery owner and sculptor with an unusual talent. Trevor saves Natalie's nephew from the jaws of a mountain lion and their lives get linked in a succession of events that keep us reading the book overnight. Their strong faith is explicitly presented in the story and during the whole plot they have plenty of opportunities to exercise their faith. The movement from the dark characters to the light ones is very well done during the story and also the mix of thriller and romance is very well balanced. Overall a supperb work from this talented author. This is the first book I read from this author and definitely will not be the last.
This book was written by Kristen Heitzmann and was published in May 2011 by WaterBrook Multnomah Books and they were kind enough to provide me a copy for reviewing through their Blogging for Books Program. Thanks, Mrs. Kristen Heitzmann, for such an inspirational book!

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