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Book "WE x ∞" by Charlie Pedersen



About the Book: A cosmic path out of the political, social and environmental chaos we call the twenty first century.
Do you ever feel that our world society is going to Hell in a handbasket? One of the greatest thinkers of our time questioned how the human race can sustain the next one hundred years? What are we leading up to and how can we survive?
Here’s how.
What if twenty second century quantum science cosmologists discovered how to trace particle change in reverse across the arrow of time and convey to us our imprint on what became their living past?
What would today’s powerbrokers do to know the future and get an upper hand on their destiny?
WE x ∞ is an intriguing and suspenseful blend of fiction, contemporary events, and science that allows us the “futuresight” to face our most daunting challenge, our own denial.
What are the real solutions, real answers, and real changes necessary to transform our political, social, environmental, and yes, economic chaos into a more effective society?
Take this journey across the planet and the centuries and face the terror of our own making: WE x ∞; society’s World Equation times an infinity of what?

About the Author: Charlie Pedersen emerged from the executive ranks of information technology, finance and the aerospace private sector to write genre-blend novels that tackle contemporary issues, placing them in a world of international suspense, science, and society . With a broad background that includes working with the Apollo Lunar module systems and the creation of what became America's largest Automated Teller Network, the Star System, he was able to achieve a clear understanding of the human and organizational dynamics necessary to effect significant large-scale change. You’ll find the work a compelling story taking you on a trek around the globe and across two centuries; a new level of knowledge, with compelling information and hyperlinks ; and on the leading edge of relevance. His genre is fiction/visionary and science faction: the line between fact and fiction traveled by the reader’s imagination. He’s drawn to people who think “outside the building”, thus his fascination with quantum science and global challenges.
His second book, WE x ∞ is an “E-quel” spun from his first novel Turn of the Century 2100, published 2/2007 and revised 11/2009. An E-quel is a quasi-screen play novel in hard and soft cover, but enhanced in eBook form with hyperlinks and an easy to visualize dialogue driven format…a compelling read with your mind’s eye taking you to the future and across the world-like watching a movie while absorbing its embedded documentary...
First read WE x ∞, browse the hyperlinks, and then read Turn of the Century 2100. It’s the product of eight (8) years work. This is disruptive literature in a world described by some of our greatest minds as “chaos”. You’ll not only enjoy it, you’ll get it whether a conservative, liberal/progressive, libertarian, or just an avid reader. You won’t be without opinion and will be disrupted with the “answers” (not blame).It should be read by everyone who cares about our present and future, and especially all “college age readers” around the globe. Have I left anyone out?  Whatever your opinion, you will get it or go back under your rock!
A native New Yorker, and a “native Californian”, splitting his life on both coasts, the last  20 years in Huntington Beach (the true Surf City), and Westminster California. Charlie is a world traveler, most recently including all the continents including Antarctica. His depictions of the San Francisco bay area, New York City, and worldwide locations are factually and graphically accurate, albeit in a fiction context. He has raised four boys (these days, does it ever stop?),  is divorced, and 67.

My Review: I love science-fiction. I really do. And this book did not disapoint me at all. It is very well written, easy reading in kind of screenplay format, ready to go to the movies. The plot is simple and quite interesting: scientists from one hundred years in the future send intelligent e-messages in hologram form across the space-time continuum to thirteen quantum science labs across the world. Those messages constitutes what they call the five oracles that should guide humanity to a better outcome. Problems related to fresh water, energy, world health, slavery, trafficking, terrorism, illegal immigration, and militarism are discussed on the messages.
Sometimes during my reading, the author's idea reminded me of the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" from Al Gore. We deny our problems till the moment they hit us on the face.
This is an explendid wake up call book that every serious person should have in their permanent library.
Mr. Charlie Pedersen suggests that if we cannot learn from the past, maybe we could learn from the future. Genius! Science fiction at its best!
There are plenty of data mentioned in the book that makes clear the amount of research the author did in order to base his information in real facts. Some links are provided and if you read the pdf version of the book you can connect directly through the links into the places where the information resides.

This book was written by Mr. Charlie Pedersen and it was published by Outskirts Press, Inc. The author was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the book so I could review it. The front cover of the book is excellent and very well chosen.

If you read this review, feel free to leave a comment with your ideas.

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