Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book "The Great Mogul Diamond" by G.P.Taylor

In the process of transferring our  blog to a brand new domain, this archived post has been adapted to BooksCrier.comAbout the Book: Everything was going so well for a change. Sadie and Saskia Dopple, those troublesome twins, had been adopted by the wealthy writer and recluse Muzz Elliott. And their friend Erik Morrissey Ganger was finally on his way to becoming a full-fledged private detective. But when an anonymous note threatens someone they love, the twins are off on an express train to danger. Suddenly they find themselves awhirl in a series of crimes—stolen right off the pages of Muzz Elliott’s own mystery novels. The twins need to figure out who’s behind this twisted plot soon, or Muzz Elliott will be framed for her own greatest literary invention . . . the theft of the Great Mogul Diamond. Meanwhile, Erik speeds through the countryside in an unbelievably cool car with private eye Dorcas Potts, racing the clock and attempting to outwit a gang of robbers. At the end of the road (if he ever gets there), he and the twins will have to get their hands on the diamond first in order to save Muzz Elliott. But not even this car is fast enough to escape the nagging doubts in Erik’s mind . . . What do you do when you aren’t sure what’s right? Sadie, Saskia, and Erik face this question head-on in the third installment of The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, by New York Times bestselling author G. P. Taylor.

About the Author: A motorcyclist and former rock band roadie turned Anglican minister, Graham Peter (G. P.) Taylor has been hailed as "hotter than Potter" and "the new C. S. Lewis" in the United Kingdom. His first novel, Shadowmancer, reached #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List in 2004 and has been translated into 48 languages. His other novels include Wormwood (another New York Times best seller which was nominated for a Quill Book Award), The Shadowmancer Returns: The Curse of Salamander Street, Tersias the Oracle, and Mariah Mundi. Taylor currently resides in North Yorkshire with his wife and three children.

My Review: This is a very entertaining book, easy reading, very well illustrated, directed to kids up to 12 years old. The plot is simple and easy to follow. Twin girls (Sadie and Saskia) that were adopted by a writer (Muzz Elliott),  and their friend (Erik) try to help to solve a mystery case that starts when Muzz Elliot receives a anonymous note. The twins and Muzz Elliott leave London and are headed to Cannes by train when mysterious crimes start to happen in a way that follows the plot of a mystery novel written by Muzz Elliott. Erik and Dorcas Potts (a private detective) follow their path by car, trying to reach Cannes before them, in order to protect them, but things are not easy for our heroes. But their faith in God proves to be important to overcome situations beyond their control. Spiritual entities are represented by Madame Raphael and The Companion.
This is the third book in a series called "The Dopple Ganger Chronicles", but it can stand by itself, if you did not read the previous two books of the series.
The format of the book being a mix of text, illustration and cartoon style provides a new format for a graphic novel that captivates the attention of the readers and helps them to connect with the heroes of the book. Very clever, very beautiful cover for the book and overall a very pleasant experience reading this author. It took me about 3 hour to read the whole book.
This book was written by G.P.Taylor and it was published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in 2011 and they were kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their blogger book review program.
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