Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book "Nana - The Four Crystals" by Guillermo Romano

About the Book: Serge is a self made man with an intense curiosity and thriving ambition. Desperate for his own sense of meaning, he finds himself in a time of economic downturn, and overwhelming daily challenges. Burdened with the struggles of life he finds himself trapped behind his own questions, understanding that life changes in an instant. To him the answers may lie on an enigmatic woman he unexpectedly meets in the deep jungles of Belize. This woman, her ancient pendant, and most importantly her wisdom, will lead Serge on a string of self righteous series of events that could determine his future and the future of the ones around him. Four Crystals stand between him, and discovering who he is. The meaning of life, past and future, will take him through an unbelievable journey to another culture, and another time. Serge is forced to step up to the challenges presented and figure out who this woman is, what the Crystals mean, and more importantly - who he is.

About the Author: Guillermo Romano was born and raised in Mexico City. A designer by nature he grew up in the streets of Mexico City. An architect and urban designer since the mid 80s, he has an improvised spirit, open mind, and a brainstorming nature. His experience spans the private and public sector in the fields of design, construction, project management, public relations, writing and teaching. Guillermo lives in Redmond, WA.

My Review: This is a truly magnificent novel that get you involved from the beginning till the last page. The author has such a great sensibility in transforming his characters in almost real persons, that we cheer for them to succeed. His description of the environment is done in such a level of details that we feel like we are participating and living in the middle of the story.
The plot develops under the character named Serge. He just lost his beloved wife and is raising his son Max on his own. Struggling with the economy, although he is an architect, he lands in a job as a "house manager", and he soon realise that there is much more into this job than he initially thought. As an authentic man, provided with solid moral principles, Serge starts gaining the trust of his employers with his devoted work. In a business trip to Belize he finds this old lady called Nana and his life is shaken. His search for the meaning of life takes him to an incredible journey and you will not be able to put the book down until you finish the story.

I recommend this book to any reader willing to spend a couple of days reading an excellent novel that will make you want to be a better person.

This book was written by Mr. Guillermo Romano and he was kind enough to send me a copy of his book for reviewing. Thank you very much, Mr. Romano, for this wonderful masterpiece.

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