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Book "Healer" by Linda Windsor

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About the Book: Sixth-century Scotland—in the time of Arthur…. "The Gowrys' seed shall divide your mighty house and bring a peace beyond the ken of your wicked soul." Her mother's dying prophecy to the chieftain Tarlach O'Byrne sentenced Brenna of Gowrys to twenty years of hiding. Twenty years of being hunted—by the O'Byrnes, who fear the prophecy, and by her kinsmen, who expect her to lead them against their oppressors. But Brenna is a trained and gifted healer, not a warrior queen. So she lives alone in the wilderness with only her pet wolf for company. When she rescues a man badly wounded from an ambush, she believes he may be the answer to her deep loneliness. Healing him comes as easy as loving him. But can their love overcome years of bitterness and greed…and bring peace and renewed faith to the shattered kingdom?

About the Author: Linda Windsor is the author of twenty-nine contemporary and historical novels. Her first sixteen were secular historical romance for Zebra/Kensington Publishing, NY as Linda Windsor and Linda Covington. In 1999, she switched to the inspirational market, once she was assured that Christian characters were not only flawed, but did indeed have hormones. Her late husband used to tease that there was a little of Linda in each of her heroines. Windsor contends he must have been referring to her sense of humor, resourcefulness and stubborness. NOT the figure.
Her inspirational historicals have placed in the secular historical category of some RWA contests and Affaire De Coeur polls. Both her inpirational historicals and romantic comedies, dashed with suspense, have won a few National Reader's Choice Awards, Aspen Golds, Barclay Golds, and numerous other RWA contests as well as the CBA Christy Award for the Irish Celtic RIONA, #2 of the Fires of Gleannmara series.
Windsor resides in a "painfully" restored (as in never do that again!) historic home on the Eastern Shore of MD. She still enjoys singing and playing music (keyboard and guitar) after a ten year stint in an 80's professional band. Today she plays the organ in her church and frequently does special music with guitar at church and for various charities.
Then there are home improvements. She can paper, paint, refinish furniture, and renovate, but... Let's suffice it to say, this Red Hat Lady and AARP member doesn't enjoy them as much as she used to.
Windsor is currently contracted for a three book historical trilogy titled Brides of Alba. HEALER, book one, hit the shelves in June,2010.

My Review: This is a very well written, beautiful tale that happens in the time of King Arthur. In Scotland, a fight between family clans (O'Byrne x Gowrys) causes the slain queen (Joanna) of one family (Gowrys) to make a prophecy against the other family that was attacking her. This prophecy involves her daughter Brenna, that has to live 20 years in hiding being hunted by both families, her family wanting her to appear to fulfill the prophecy and the other family wanting to kill her to avoid the prophecy to happen. After finding a stranger that was badly hurt, Brenna uses her skills as a healer to cure the young man and fall in love with him. Later she finds that he is the heir of the O'Byrne family. Can their love be greater than the bitterness sorrounding those families? You have to read to find out!

In general, this is a very easy reading clean book (it took me about 12 hours to read it), very entertaining and with an excellent plot. It is full of Christian messages and biblical citations. If you enjoy an excellent historical christian fiction novel, this book is for you. The author did a remarkable research to compose this book. All references are cited at the end of the book.
This book was written by Kathy Herman in 2010. It was published by David C.Cook also in 2010 and The B&B Media Group was kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their blogger book review program. If you are reading this review, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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My Rate: 5 stars

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