Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book "Christmas" by Agatha Christie

This is a Mystery book written by Agatha Christie in 1938. It was also sold with different titles, as “Murder for Christmas” and “A Holiday for Murder”.
The book features detective Hercule Poirot trying (and succeeding) to solve a murder. A wealthy old man (Simeon Lee) invites his family (sons and granddaughter) to gather at his home for the Christmas party. Not all family members are on good terms with one another. An unexpected guest (Stephen Farr) arrives claiming to be the son of his former partner. So the house is full of potential suspects, and at Christmas Eve there is a commotion on the bedroom where the old man stays and everybody hears crashing of furniture followed by a scream. When they arrive at Simeon’s room, it is looked and they have to break the door down. Inside they find the old man dead, his throat slit and a great pool of blood.
Poirot is called to investigate and the questions, as usual, are the same: Who killed the victim? How was the victim killed inside a locked room? Is there any connection to the theft of diamonds? What is the meaning of the small triangle rubber and the peg that were found inside the room? Poirot explores the nature of the victim and the way these characteristics come out in his children. During his investigation, he tries to avoid another murder and barely succeeds. Poirot is able to unmask several characters that are impostors and solves the crime.

Main characters: Hercule Poirot, Colonel Johnson, Superintendent Sugden, Simeon Lee, Alfred Lee (son), Lydia Lee (Alfred’s wife), George Lee (son), Magdalene Lee (George’s wife), David Lee (son), Hilda Lee (David’s wife), Harry Lee (son), Pilar Estravados (granddaughter), Stephen Farr (partner’s son), Horbury (Simeon’s valet), Tressilian (butler).

If you are a Christie’s fan, you will love this book. It is a very easy and fast reading, also very entertaining, excellent plot.

My rate is 5 stars.
Pages: 246

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