Monday, July 25, 2016

Book "Love, Life and Logic" by Uday Mukerji

About the Book: Set in Central Europe, Singapore, and in India, debut, multicultural novel Love, Life, and Logic captures the struggle of a young man against the seemingly unnamed, unknown, anonymous power of the universe.
The story develops as he scrambles for his answers. Is our life and death an end in itself, or do they have a much deeper implication in a gigantic universal process? Is each human life also someway connected to the chain of events unfolding every day in front of our eyes? We all have different thumbprints; but why? Are we all a part of big numbers game, or does each one of us really matter?
We admit it or not, we’re all bothered by these questions. Here’s one man’s journey through love and life. Is marriage an end of the road for love? Do all marriages come with an expiration date?
It’s the search and the road leading to his final realization that makes this book insightful and thought-provoking.

About the Author:Uday Mukerji left his creative director’s job in advertising to pursue a writing career in 2009. He was born in India, and had worked in Singapore for nearly twenty years. His narrative voice comes from his strong personal beliefs. He is greatly influenced by Indian philosophy of life, and in this book, he also offers us a peek at that. But he is still having a tough time coping with his many unanswered questions, which he intends to follow through, and share with us in coming days.

My Review: This is a very well written book describing the conflicts of a young man questioning himself about the meaning of life. The author did a superb job describing all psychological  aspects of his conflict. 
Plot is simple to follow: the young man, after leaving his wife and two children starts traveling. He gets involved in another relationship with a lady and after leaving her with no explanation, he finds by chance an old professor that gives him advises. He has high consideration for this professor and he tries to make sense of everything that is happening in his life.
This is a very deep book, that will make you think about your own life and start questioning if you are taking the correct turns when situations arise and you hit crossroads or decision points. Do you ever look back and think if your decision was the correct one?
I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader who appreciate a well written novel that will make you think about your own life. You will not be disappointed.

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