Monday, February 22, 2016

Book "18 Things" by Jamie Ayres

About the Book: Can eighteen things save a life?
Olga Gay Worontzoff thinks her biggest problems are an awful name (after her grandmothers of course) and not attending prom with Conner, her best friend and secret crush since kindergarten. Then Conner is killed in a freak boating accident and Olga feels responsible.
When she downs an entire bottle of pills to deal with the emotional pain, her parents force her into counseling. There, her therapist writes a prescription in the form of a life list titled 18 Things. Eighteen quests to complete the year of her eighteenth birthday. All she has to do is fire-walk, try out for the cheerleading squad, break a world record, and err... go on her first date.
Good thing Nate, a new hottie in town, enters her life with perfect timing. He brings the fun factor to her list and helps her discover the beauty and strength inside herself, then complicates things by falling in love with her.
But there's more to Olga’s quests than meets the eye and when her therapist reveals a terrifying secret, her world is shaken.
There’s only one thing she knows for certain: her choices won’t just affect her future, but all eternity.

About the Author: Jamie Ayres writes young adult paranormal love stories by night and teaches young adults as a Language Arts middle school teacher by day. When not at home on her laptop or at school, she can often be found at a local book store grabbing random children and reading to them. So far, she has not been arrested for this. Although she spent her youthful summers around Lake Michigan, she now lives in Florida with her prince charming, two children (sometimes three based on how Mr. Ayres is acting), and a basset hound. She really does have grandmothers named Olga and Gay but unlike her heroine, she's thankfully not named after either one of them. She loves lazy pajama days, the first page of a good book, stupid funny movies, and sharing stories with fantastic people like you. Her books include the first two installments of her trilogy, 18 Things and 18 Truths. Visit her online via Twitter, Facebook, or at

My Review: This is a fantastic fist book of a trilogy that promises to be epic! 
Nothing in this book is predictable. The author makes us cheer for our heroine Olga in every turn of the pages of this book, hoping that things would be OK for her. When she build her 18 bucket list, I was tempted to build mine as well. And we really get inspired by the progress she makes in having her life back to normal after the disaster that killed her beloved friend Conner, and almost took her life as well. Suffering from depression and trying to easy her pain, she takes an entire bottle of pills, and after that her parents put her into therapy. That is when the therapist asks Olga to write her list and the story begins to develop at a very nice pace. Wonderfully written, the characters in this book are very well developed and even the supposed bad ones are enjoyable at the end.
I can hardly wait to put my hands on the second book of this series, already available and called "18 Truths".
I recommend this book to the permanent library of readers of all ages. This is really an inspirational book with a very surprising ending. Excellent hook to the next book!

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