Saturday, August 8, 2015

Book "The High King's Embalmer" by S.Cooperstone

About the Book: The royal family’s shape-shifting embalmer is intent on finding those behind the assassination attempts of the family. To further complicate things, he is kidnapped by bounty hunters, escapes, but finds himself hunted by the king’s own men. Can he find the source behind the deaths before the heirs of the family are extinguished?

About the Author: S. Copperstone is an eclectic writer and has writings scattered all over the place. She enjoys historical fiction/some horror/paranormal/science fiction/and adventure.... everything from flash fiction to novels. She prefers male lead characters but has been known to write a few female leads. Some of the places where she can be found wandering around the net are here:
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My Review: This is quite an intriguing book. It tells the story of an alien creature that has the capability of changing shapes from his original form of a jackal like animal to any other format, including mimicking humans. When his race was exiled to a world where humans are the masters, his race is enslaved and abused. Our main character, Jibade, is from a Royal Family in his own world. In this new world, he finds himself working as an embalmer to the local Royal Family. He has been doing this service for generations of kings and due to his special abilities like reading the aura of humans, his service always goes beyond of just embalming the dead. As it is common inside any Royal Family, there is a lot of intrigues and assassination plots, and Jibade is loyal to his masters and tries to find out who is behind those plots. He is kidnapped and the adventure starts to pick up pace.
Overall this is a well written book that will keep the reader entertained for hours. The end of the book is a hook to the sequel that should follow, hopefully soon!

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