Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book "False Pretenses" by Scott R.Kramer

About the Book: A stolen election. Domestic terrorism. Extortion. Once in power, and consumed by greed, Pete Reeves will stop at nothing to have more of both. It's a non-stop race around the world to prevent the President from going to war to further his own ambitions. Politics takes one unexpected turn after another in "False Pretenses," the new political thriller by Scott Kramer.

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About the Author: Scott Kramer is a former investment advisor and now runs a manufacturing company. He grew up in New Jersey and has a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree, both in finance. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. False Pretenses is his debut political thriller novel.

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My Review: This is what I would call a very intense book. The author did a superb job of creating a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the turn of the last page. All conspiracy theories you have heard on stolen presidential's election and much more is adapted to this novel, making you think a lot on what is possible in the real world and what is fantasy (if any).
Basically you can find a perfect analogy in the real world to all topics brilliantly covered in the book. Stolen election, misleading information of threatening forces against USA in order to force a war, domestic terrorism, bribes and corruption are treated in this book with such a mastery that it is hard to believe this is just the debut novel of this author. The author is a natural storyteller and his style is very smooth. The plot flows in a fast pace and there is no idle moment in the whole story. His characters are real, credible, and fully developed, and you feel like cheering for the right thing to prevail. This book will keep you entertained for hours. It took me around 10 hours to read the whole book.

This is really a masterpiece. I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers who appreciate a very well written political thriller. Hopefully it will attract attention to some Hollywood producer and we might have a movie based on this story.
I cannot stress enough how much I liked this book and how much I am hoping this author continue to produce other novels at this level.  Kudos to the author in his debut novel.

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