Monday, June 30, 2014

Book "Red Energy" by James M.Corkill

About the Book: Alex Cave, tasked with coordinating the recovery of several items of advanced alien technology somewhere in the Bearing Sea, discovers he has been betrayed by one of the crew, who will stop at nothing to obtain one of these powerfully destructive devices. Alex knows that if this technology falls into the wrong hands, it could cause the end of life on the planet. And if this wasn’t enough, his past actions while working for the CIA have come back to haunt him, and his loved ones are put in grave danger. On this emotional rollercoaster, Alex literally feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he is torn between saving the ones he loves, and saving humanity from extinction. Is there a way he can save both? Or will all life on the planet be destroyed by. . . RED ENERGY!
This is the third installment in the Alex Cave “Energy” saga, and it offers the biggest set of challenges he has yet to face.

About the Author: "Hello. I would like to take you on exciting adventures here on our planet, with courageous people in dangerous situations, desperately trying to save humanity.
I'm a retired federal firefighter from Whidbey Island, Washington. Before that, I was an electronics technician and part time mechanical engineer at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I was in the military, and served in Viet Nam. Being retired allows me to write full time and blend my knowledge with my imagination to create the adventures I would like to go on. When I was fourteen I moved to a small place called Orcas Island in Puget Sound; a community of around seven hundred people at that time. Fortunately for me, the famous horror writer, Hugh B. Cave, lived on one of the islands and became my mentor, though I don't write in that genre. The most important lesson he taught me was, only write what you know. Accurate details lend credibility and believability to the story. With that in mind, I do extensive research for my stories. Thanks for joining me on my adventures. It's not always easy finding good books to read. If you liked this one, please write a review on Amazon. Thanks!" James M. Corkill. You can visit me at

My Review: This is a brilliantly written story, that develops in a fast pace . If you thought that the story of our hero, an ex-CIA agent named Alex Cave, could not get better after Cold Energy, you were completely wrong. In this episode, Alex Cave is trying to recover an alien device and a spaceship in a desert island at the Bering Sea when things get out of control and the device and one member of his team are captured and transferred to an underground facility close to Yellowstone. Playing without knowing how to properly control the alien device ended up producing catastrophic consequences. If this is not bad enough, Russian mob leader wants revenge on Alex for killing his brother and captures his nephew and it is up to Alex to save his friend/family and prevent the extermination of human race over and over again...
You will read the book on the edge of your seat. An initial heartbreaking love story develops in the middle of the action and at the end it might have a happy ending after all. I guess we will find out about that in the next episode. Every turn of a page brings more excitement and it is guaranteed that you will be entertained for hours. It took me about nine hours to read the whole book. I just hope this is not the end of Alex Cave adventures! I can hardly wait to read more! You definitely should try James Corkill's books. His intelligent plots are here to stay. 
This book was written by James M.Corkill and I received an electronic version for reviewing. I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own. 
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