Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book "Savior" by Anthony Caplan

About the Book: A father and son stumble into the secret world of the Santos Muertos, a crime cartel bent on global domination. The son must find his father and keep the secret of the ancient Mayan code underlying the creation of matter in the universe from falling into the wrong hands. A story of sacrifice and love set in a contemporary, dystopian America.

About the Author: Anthony Caplan is a teacher, farmer and writer living in New Hampshire. He is also the author of Birdman, French Pond Road and Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home. He teaches high school Spanish. Formerly, he worked as a reporter in Central America, Venezuela and the UK for the Associated Press and United Press International.

My Review: This is a very intense book, describing all the sufferings of a young boy (Ricky Lyons) trying to save his father (Al Lyons) from the "Los Santos Muertos". The author did a superb job on creating the characters, going deep into the psycho analysis of their behavior. The plot is very well constructed. Father and son are spending some vacation days together, surfing at the beaches of Guatemala, trying to bond after Mary (Al's wife and Ricky's mother) died. Going into a gift shop type of store, Rick found an ancient Mayan tablet that reminds him of his late mother. He purchase the tablet and his adventures begin, as there is a group called Los Santos Muertos who is looking for the tablet and will stop at nothing to put their hands on it, including murder and kidnapping. They believe the tablet contains a message that will allow them to destroy the world. After barely escaping alive from an attack where his father is kidnapped, Rick search for help from different sources trying to rescue his father. The story develops from Ricky's perspective with updates from Al's captivity in parallel, as well as some flash backs from the time when Mary was alive, all the family conflicts and mainly Al and Ricky's relationship. The plot is very intense and it is guaranteed that you will be hooked from the first page on this incredible adventure, showing that a love between father and son has no limits.
I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers that enjoy a very well written novel and want to be entertained for some hours. It took me about 11 hours to read the whole book.
I received this book from the author for reviewing and I was not requested to post a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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