Friday, January 24, 2014

Book "Eat Like Jesus" by Andrew Hoy

About the Book: "Eat Like Jesus" offers a simple, scientific, and comprehensive Bible-based dining theology, examining and explaining what the Bible teaches about food and eating.
Drawing heavily from the Bible texts, "Eat Like Jesus" puts food-related topics such as veganism, kosher diets, cleansing rituals, and animal physiology (including diet, hygiene, diseases, etc.) into proper perspective, harmonizing New Testament accounts of Jesus, Peter, and Paul with Old Testament teachings of Moses.
"Eat Like Jesus" uniquely reveals why the first law in the Garden of Eden was dietary, why Noah took extra pairs of certain animal species into the Ark, what kind of animals did Peter saw in his vision, and what Jesus really meant as he "called all foods clean".

About the Author: Andrew Hoy worked as a professional engineer for over 15 years. Searching for greater meaning, he embarked on African missionary work, where he began questioning traditional church doctrines. Only after moving to Israel to study the Scriptures did he find answers, along with a passion for discipleship and an authentic understanding of the Great Commission.

My Review: This is a remarkable book, where the author did an incredible work of exegesis to give us a completely new perspective on the message God gave Adam in the Gardens of Eden,  and later to Noah after the Great Flood, as He gave His blessing to them to multiply and reign over all his creation, including what they should eat. Being a theologian, I personally know the difficulties of studying the original text in Hebrew of the Old Testament texts and figure out the correct interpretation of what was written. Kudos to Mr. Andrew Hoy! There is a lot of research and study involved in the production of this book. His analyses provides clear explanation on kosher diets and much more. I highly recommend this book to any reader that is interested on a good research done by the author and wants to increase his/her understanding on a completely new perspective provided on food-related topics on the Scriptures.
I received this book from the author for reviewing and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Interesting invitation to rediscover ourselves going back in time and rediscovering food science our ancestors kept like Holy Graal.