Sunday, September 22, 2013

Book "Wotan's Dilemma" by Hank Quense

About the Book: This is a retelling of the ancient Rhinegold myth. In it, Brunnhilde, a Valkyrie, searches for an understanding of mortal love and hopes someday to experience it. While Brunnhilde goes about her quest, a secondary story involves a struggle to possess and control the magical horde of gold known as the Rhinegold, now transformed into quantum electronic devices of immense power. The god Wotan contends with two aliens in a three-way scrum. 
This ancient myth is now told as a sci-fi tale with aliens replacing the fantasy creatures. Beautiful goddesses, magical gold quantum electronics, aliens, a murderous god, great heroes: what more could a reader want?

About the Author: Award-winning author Hank Quense writes humorous fantasy and sci-fi stories. His motto is fantasy and sci-fi stories told with humor and satire. He has over forty published short stories and a number of nonfiction articles. On occasion, he also writes an article on fiction writing or book marketing but says that writing nonfiction is like work while writing fiction is fun. He refuses to write serious genre fiction saying there is enough of that on the front page of any daily newspaper and on the evening TV news. Hank lives in Bergenfield, NJ with his wife Pat. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.
Hank’s previous works include Zaftan Enterprises, Zaftan Miscreants and Tales From Gundarland, a collection of fantasy stories. Readers Favorite awarded the book a medal and EPIC designated it a finalist in its 2011 competition. His Fool’s Gold is a retelling of the ancient Rhinegold myth and Tunnel Vision is a collection of twenty previously published short stories. Build a Better Story is a book of advice for fiction writers.

He has a number of links where you can follow his work and his occasional rants:

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My Review: This author always amazes me with his inspiration to adapt other stories using a lot of humor and producing a very entertaining book. This is not just another quest for immortality, or for the knowledge of mortal love... gods, Valkyries, aliens, electronic artifacts, mortals, warriors, every element of a very strange and funny story is present. The Old Gods Retirement's Village is where all the old forgotten gods live and as described, is one of the most hilarious ideas of the book, that is full of brilliant sarcasms. Although I had no previously knowledge on the Brunhilde myth, I was able to follow the story without any problems.

I recommend this book for all readers who likes a good written fantasy story and wants to be entertained on a Saturday afternoon. It took me a little less than four hours to read the whole book. 

I received this book from the author for review and I was not requested to provide a positive review. Opinion expressed here is my own.

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