Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book "Heaven2.0" by Scott Haworth

About the Book: Having been born in the 28th century, Mike Kepler never believed in the existence of Heaven or Hell. The myths of the old faiths had been abandoned and replaced with the teachings of The Church many centuries earlier. The young physicist is shocked to learn that there is an afterlife when he is recruited by the Taipei Corporation. It was created by a team of scientists rather than God.
Mike's job is to travel to the past and save people at the time of their deaths using advanced medical technology. The individuals are then brought back to the 28th century, judged on the sins they committed and sentenced to an eternity in the artificial Heaven or Hell. Mike quickly learns that the project is far less noble than it appears. He discovers that many of the people sentenced to eternal torment in Hell do not deserve their fate. When a hero he extracted from the past is convicted simply for being gay, Nick decides to fight back against the Taipei Corporation.

About the Author: Scott was born in the wagon of a traveling show. His Momma used to dance for the money they'd throw. Pappa would do whatever he could... Well, not really. That would have been a lot more interesting though. He was actually born in the suburbs of Cleveland.
After existing for several more decades, Scott graduated from The Ohio State University in 2004 with a degree in history and political science. Six months later he decided he wanted to be a writer, which made the degree largely worthless. Oops.
Scott has written many novels in genres ranging from science fiction to political satire. He tried combining the two genres once, but he didn't think anyone would be interested in a sex scandal involving the President of Blargon 7.
When not writing, he enjoys being asleep.
He currently lives in central Ohio, or as you might know it better as, "that state I fly over on my way to a state I care about."

My Review: This is a very interesting and entertaining story, very well written, about a futuristic world where science was able to create Hell and Heaven. The company responsible for this implementation is called Taipei Corporation and it recruits the most brilliant minds on Earth to work for their project, based on Mars. But the way the judgement happens is not completely "fair" and the company needs to fill some quotas for Hell as well as for Heaven and that causes some good people being sentenced to Hell. Mike Kepler is a young physicist that is recruited and when he notices those anomalies, he starts to fight the structure, and he is not alone on that fight. He has the help of his mentor and other surprising help from inside the corporation.
Very entertaining reading, brilliant idea, I recommend this book to the permanent library of any science fiction lover. It will keep you entertained for quite some hours. It took me around six hours to read the whole book.

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