Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book "Gameland - Deep Into the Game" by Saul W.Tanpepper

About the Book: Zpocalypto gamer Jessica Daniels and her gang of code jackers decide to break into Long Island's Gameland hoping to catch a glimpse of the Infected Undead. In doing so they risk having additional years added to their Life Service Commitment (a civil or military obligation fulfilled after death). But getting past the barriers - the EM field, the wall surrounding the island, the mined waters - requires the assistance of an outsider to their tight-knit group. Tensions rise, particularly between Jessie and her boyfriend, as do the risks. After a terrifying "accident" during preparation nearly takes the life of one of their members, emotions run dangerously high. What they find when they finally arrive in the abandoned wasteland is like nothing they ever imagined. Excitement quickly turns to dread, and dread to terror, as the reality of their situation - and the dangers - become all too clear. Episode 1 is approximately 50,000 words.

About the Author: eFiction magazine calls Saul an author armed with "a PhD and a whacked out sense of humor." Saul spent his formative years in a leaky century-old house overlooking the Erie Canal in Upstate New York. His bedroom was a refurbished attic, which he shared with all manner of creatures, not all, he is convinced, flesh and blood. After bouncing around the US and Europe for several years, he settled down to pursue a career in the sciences, opting to study the mysteries of human molecular genetics. But even positions as an experimental biologist, teacher, manager and biotech entrepreneur couldn't keep him from his true passion as a storyteller. He now writes speculative fiction full time from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although his house is now attic-less and waterproof, he continues to be haunted by a variety of creatures, including a wife, kids, four dogs, three cats, six chickens, a wayward rooster, and one very grumpy possum. They are all flesh and blood. Except, maybe, for the possum, which he's convinced is the reincarnated spirit of Jack Torrance.

My Review: This is a very well written book with a very intense story-line  But if you expect a book with a beginning, middle and end you will be disappointed, because the story will not end. This is suppose to be the first of an eight series book, so the end is just a hook to the next episode. Do not take me wrong, it is a very good hook nevertheless, that will make me buy the rest of the seven volumes! The plot is interesting and will keep you reading on the edge of your chair for most of the book. The characters are well developed and the scenario is so richly described that you feel you are inside the story. A group of game hackers decide to break into Long Island's Gameland, a place where nobody lives, because of an outbreak that happened twelve years before, that had all population that survived evacuated. Now the only entities that inhabit that wasteland are the zombies. Their adventure starts with a poorly planed trip idea and tension escalates during preparation for the trip and execution of the trip. They soon figure out that it is easier to enter than to leave the Island...

This book was written by Saul W.Tanpepper in April 2012 and it has been offered for free in both of major online eBook stores. I recommend this book to the permanent library of all thriller lovers, young adults or not.

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