Saturday, December 29, 2012

Book "The Munching Yak" by David Jacks, Daniel Morrow and Sushil Shrestha (illustrator)

About the Book: Munch Crunch! It's the Munching Yak.“That’s my answer,” said garbage man Ted. “I’m running out of space at the village dump. That Munching Yak would be the ideal answer!”

About the Authors: Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Wolf-Hawk Writing. With a partnership stretching back nearly 10 years, Wolf-Hawk Writing are the 'New Kids On The Block' in comparison with the bigger publishing companies. They offer a wide variety of books, ranging from picture books, rhyming stories and YA novels. Their books are available in both Paperback and Kindle formats at and Their mission is simple, to encourage reading, to engage readers, and to write unique, fun and enjoyable stories. If one child says 'I love Wolf-Hawk Writing' then they have achieved their goal.
David Jacks & Daniel Morrow Wolf-Hawk Writing
'If We Write It They Will Come.'

My Review: I've read other children book from those authors that I enjoyed more. This one in particular is too short (7 pages). Even for a 5 years old is not long enough. When they start paying attention the book is over. These authors have other excellent books, like Belstarr The Lost Toymaker and others. The illustration though is good.

This book was written by David Jack and Daniel Morrow and illustrated by Sushil Shrestha and published by Wolf-Hawk Writing on Feb 2012.

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