Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book "Leading Through Hope" by Joseph Okpanachi and Bramwell Osula

About the Book: Few things in life are as important as hope. While love and friendship may set our hearts on fire and inspire acts of devotion and sacrifice, in many ways Hope is the chugging motor that gives meaning to our lives. More than any other quality or force on earth, hope defines who we are, our attitude toward life and, ultimately, what we become.

My Review: This is a small piece of art. The two authors combined with an incredible sensibility to provide for the readers many angles of experiencing and using hope to lead others to achieve their goals with entusiasm and confidence.
Among many different discussions on what is the meaning of hope, the one that touched me the most is "hope is like a shelter and an anchor in the midst of the storm".
The book has a preface and an introduction and four major sections: The Law of Hope, Leading Through Hope, Leading Through Hope in Time of Crises and Uncertainty, and the Sinergy Between Hope and Opportunity. And the book end with a chapter on Reflections and finaly References.
The book was written by Joseph Okpanachi and Bramwell Osula and published in 2012 by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC, and I received  it as a gift from my dear friend and brother in Christ, Mr. Thomas Gadson.

I recommend this book to any Christian who wants to know more about hope and to those who have a leading role in their life and want to try a new approach in their leadership method, one that they will not regret.

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