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Book "The Genesis Code" by Abraham Lopian and Julie A.Snyder

About the Book: You live in an era of the 'great awakening' and something remarkable has happened. An ancient Biblical message has been discovered that will guide you through your transformation. God's message has risen to change your perception of reality. The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken is an untraveled path that leads to God’s giving of the Luchot Haedot—the “first and most profound” tablets Moses brought down the mountain. Most scholars assume God's first tablets of Sinai (the Luchot Haedot) held the same message as Sinai's second set of tablets (the Ten Commandments). Nothing could be further from the truth. The message of God's Luchot was of the highest order--its enlightenment unparalleled. Over 3000 years ago, at the depths of God's written word, another story and level of understanding was hidden in the Five Books of Moses--buried in the ancient Hebrew texts. Time would pass and the story of the Luchot, together with its profound enlightenment, would become lost in human awareness. At the core of the Five Books of Moses, God's ultimate truth would lay dormant for thousands of years--waiting for a future and advanced level of man to discover God's secrets of creation. That time has come. The Genesis Code: God Has Spoken is an ancient message for the 21st Century. We live in a time the prophets foresaw, and the vibration of the Luchot has risen to awaken a new level of male and female. With passion and intelligence, you are taken into the rabbit hole of advanced conceptions where a new and extraordinary perspective of God, man, nature, life, death, love, and reality emerges out of the shadows and into the light of human awareness.

About the Authors: Originating from London, England, Abraham Lopian is a new level of spiritual mastery. Born into traditional Orthodox Judaism, his family's lineage has produced leading rabbis and heads of Talmudic Academies throughout the world. Surrounded by philosophers and scholars, it was only natural that Abraham would delve into the depths of creation's mysteries. As a young boy he studied with his rabbinical uncles and, years later, with his Grandfather, Reb Elia Lopian, a famous and well-respected spiritual man known for his remarkable insight into the Torah (the Bible). Abraham's decades of Talmudic study span the oceans and include several Talmudic Academies throughout the world.
His enlightenment, however, would not be realized through scholastic studies, but through a metaphysical experience in 1988 that would forever change his perception of God and creation. Years later, Abraham was led to Julie Snyder--the woman he calls his "enlightenment." Julie understood it was vital for The Genesis Code to be revealed to humanity and, nearly a decade later, their insight, passion, and creativity has given birth to The Genesis Code book series.
The Genesis Code is a level of enlightenment that could only be activated through a joint perspective of male/female consciousness. Before this seed of enlightenment could flower in our world, it required the nourishment of a particular type of relationship--a union between a male and female that represents the "total" Adam on earth. What most have not yet realized is the true "Adam" is both male and female. The Torah specifically states in Genesis 5:2, "Male and female, he created them; and God blessed them and called their name, Adam, on the day they were created."
Abraham and Julie, through their diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences bring forth extraordinary revelations of enlightenment for today's consciously evolved male and female. With passion and intelligence, the reader is taken into the rabbit hole of advanced conceptions where a new and extraordinary perspective of God, man, nature, life, death, love, and reality emerges out of the shadows and into the light of human awareness.

My Review: This is quite an interesting book. We clearly see a lot of effort and research by the authors in producing this book. They provide with some very interesting ideas and new point of views of the Scriptures and their interpretation sometimes has its merits. There is a lot of learning you can take from their studies, but for me as a Christian, there are some buts and whats. If you are not strong in your believes, you might be tempted to think that what is said in this book is the new absolute truth, but if you think it as just an opinion from the authors, you should be entertained.
I could mention here dozens of different reasons why I was not thrilled by the contents of this book. For example, as a Christian I do not like to see Jesus compared at the same level as Muhammad and Buddha. The authors estate that "..., subsequent biblical writings, spiritual doctrines, and prophets, including Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha - brought down enlightenment...". For Christians, the Torah is part of our believes. And there we read and it is crystal clear that the Jews are the chosen people of God. For the Gentiles (me included) our only hope of salvation is through Jesus. We also fear the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But for Christians, Jesus was not just another prophet, but the only Son of God.
And as a student of the Scriptures (I have a bachelor degree in Theology), I always learnt that the interpretation of the Scriptures is a difficult subject because of the many metaphors used in the text of the Bible. In many points the authors are trying to take what it is written in the literal way, and that might not necessarily be the right way. Don't take me wrong, but I am hard to be convinced of new ideas just because they are well described, if there is no biblical support. Remember how many people read the "DaVinci Code" and thought that everything in that book was true, just because the author was providing references supporting his views. They just forgot that the references provided were apocrypha. I am not here to judge the authors and tell that what they are saying is true or lie. Who am I to do that? I think this was an excellent book that triggered on me the desire to study more and try to understand better the Scriptures.

This book was written by Abraham Lupian and Julie A. Snyder and it was published in January 2012. The authors were kind enough to send me this book for reviewing.

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