Friday, January 28, 2011

Book "Mauria" by Steve North

About the Book: Ever wonder why we humans are constantly torn by love and hate, trust and fear, peace and war? Did all of our ancestors come from Mauria? In the spirit of Lord of the Rings and Avatar, author Steve North weaves an incredibly original, fascinating, and complex story of love, power, life and death -- that takes place before we existed on Earth. Mauria is . . . A gripping tale of two races, the Maurians and the Vuervee -- one the food supply of the other-and so different there can only be one shocking conclusion. An amazing and complex cast of characters, all unknowingly marching toward the same precipice. A wild ride on a cyclone of love, power, beauty, hate and greed-tamed only by fate . . . Ours.

About the Author:
Steve North’s versatile career includes writing science fiction stories; and writing and producing over thirty national televisions shows with his wife Barb. His published science fiction short stories include “The Sweetwater Effect” and “Days of Present Past.” He has written and produced for such television shows as Fantasy, Make MeLaugh, Candid Camera, The Gong Show, Anything for Money, TotallyHidden Video, and many more. North has also written numerous documentary films for Coronet and Britannica Films, as well as two feature films, Burger Wars and Letting Go, both penned with his wife and optioned by Hollywood studios. He has appeared on numerous daytime and evening talkshows, and he has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Wired and the Los Angeles Times.
Steve North lives with his wife Barb in Woodland Hills, California. Mauria is his first novel and was primarily written in the mountains of Colorado.

My Review: This is a great book, hard to believe that it is just the first novel from Mr. North. He writes like a very experienced author (as he really is, from his experience with TV shows).
The story shows the conflict of two civilizations, the Maurians and the Vuervee. The Maurians are manipulators and the Vuervee are naturalists, more animal like creatures, that are hunted and eaten by the Maurians.
The idea of a civilization controlling emotions and sex reminded me of "1984" by George Orwell. The creation of all details of a fictional world is as complex as "The Lord of the Ring" by J.R.R.Tolkien with his middle-earth and all the particular language of each group of characters.
This book needs to be read slowly so you can savor all the rich details it brings into scene on every turn of a page. Initially it is difficult to follow the complexity of the Maurian society, so I had to go many times to the "Power Structure of Mauria" reference page at the end of the book. Once you assimilate the structure, everything flows smoothly.
I would recommend this book to any science-fiction fan, but it is really hard to classify this book in just this genre. It is dense, it is intense, it is unique, it is a wonderful novel.

This book was written by Steve North and it was published in 2010 by  (Brook Forest Entertainment) BFE Press and they were kind enough to provide me a copy for reviewing. Thanks, Mr. Steve North, for such a wonderful novel.

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