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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Movie "Stargate" (1994)

Daniel Jackson (James Spader) plays the Egyptologist who translates the Startgate's hieroglyphic code and joins a military team leads by Colonel Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) on a reconnaissance mission to see what is on the other side of the ancient device found in 1920s Egypt.
They arrive on a desert world with culture similar to Earth's ancient Egypt, where someone pretending to be the sun god Ra rules a population of slaves. This guy is an intelligent aging creature that for centuries has used human bodies to regenerate himself over and over to have "eternal life".
After a warm reception into the slave camp, the earthlings encourage and support a rebellion, while Colonel Jack threatens to blow up the Startgate portal to prevent its use by enemies.
The way the movie ends is a hook to the audience to stay tuned into the TV Show that followed.

Memorable quotes: from Colonel O'Neill: I'm here in case you succeed.
from Ra: You have advanced much... harnessed the power of the atom.
from Daniel Jackson: It's not "Door to Heaven"... is ... Stargate.
Duration of the movie: 121 minutes.
My Rate: 4 stars

This is the link to buy the movie.

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