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Movie "Apostle Paul and The Earliest Churches" (2004)

About the Movie: Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches is a brilliant and illuminating video production. Beginning with his conversion, it reenacts the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys on Anatolian soil (modern Turkey). This brief, 48-minute film contains an archaeological treasury: mosaics, frescoes, statues, amphitheaters, agoras, temples, and more. Yet Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches is more than a historical survey; this production's reenactment of the miracles Paul performed, the difficulties Paul encountered, and the persecution Paul faced beckons the viewer to experience with the Apostle himself the birth of the Christian Church.
The film's archaeological emphasis is enhanced by 3D animated maps and footage of Antioch on the Orontes, Pisidian Antioch, Ephesus, Tarsus and other cities important to the Apostle Paul's ministry. Significant artifacts from a variety of Turkish museums are also discussed.

This film is produced by B&N Production, a Christian film production company located in Istanbul, Turkey, operated by Turkish Christians. Pastor Behnan Konutgan, M. Div., of Bible House Church of Istanbul is the executive director, writer and one of the producers of this film. He is a very distinguished Bible translator and one of the executives of the Turkish Branch of the International Bible Society. He is a dedicated Bible teacher, and has been serving the Lord as a pastor for over 25 years in Turkey.
Mr. Nurettin Bulbul and his wife Ozlem Bulbul have a lot of experience in filming and TV network market. They have served in major TV networks in Turkey for years; currently they reside in Istanbul. They joined Pastor Behnan for this project. Mr. Bulbul is director of the film and the film was edited by his wife. Mr. Bulbul is also one of the producers.
Mark Wilson, D. Litt. et Phil., is a distinguished Biblical scholar. He is founder and president of the Seven Churches network. He is a seminary professor, author, and speaker, as well as a frequent researcher and traveler in Turkey. A noted authority on Turkey's biblical history, Dr. Wilson served as the academic consultant for this project.

My Review: This is a very well produced Apostle Paul DVD documentary. Initially you can select to play the movie, go directly to a particular Chapter (the documentary is divided into 5 Chapters: Paul's Calling, 1st Missionary Journey, 2nd Missionary Journey, 3rd Missionary Journey, A Lasting Legacy), or select the languages among English, Turkish and Arabic. You also have access to a Study guide named ApostlePaulGuide.pdf, that is a beautifully illustrated document with 16 pages in pdf format.
The documentary is narrated by Kris Chandler, and the tone is just perfect, not boring nor exasperated. He has a nice pitch and keep the information flowing naturally.
There are just a few scenes with actors, but they do not speak at all. Always the narrator is speaking in the background, telling the story that is developing. 

This is a very informative documentary and I recommend it to the permanent library of any Christian. It is a boost to our faith, seeing and being inspired by the life and work of the Apostle Paul.

I received this DVD from FishFlix, a company that produces Christian DVDs (to inspire and entertain) for reviewing, and I was not requested to post a positive review. Opinion expressed here is my own.
As an extra bonus, FishFlix gives you a US$ 5.00 coupon to buy their products if you decide to join their e-mail list.

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