Monday, October 26, 2015

Book "Engaged in Danger" by Barbara Venkataraman

About the Book: Finally, life is good for reluctant family law attorney, Jamie Quinn--her father may get his visa soon, her boyfriend is the bomb, and her law practice is growing like crazy--but when she agrees to take on a high-profile divorce case, everything falls apart. What looked like an opportunity to work with her friend Grace and make some serious bucks has turned into a deadly game, one that could destroy their friendship and tear their town apart. Why couldn't Jamie just leave well enough alone?

About the Author: Award-winning author, Barbara Venkataraman is an attorney and mediator specializing in family law and debt collection.
She is the author of "Teatime with Mrs. Grammar Person"; "The Fight for Magicallus," a children's fantasy; a humorous short story entitled, "If You'd Just Listened to Me in the First Place"; and two books of humorous essays: "I'm Not Talking about You, Of Course" and "A Trip to the Hardware Store & Other Calamities," which are part of the "Quirky Essays for Quirky People" series. Both books of humorous essays won the "Indie Book of the Day" award.
Her latest works are "Death by Didgeridoo," first in the Jamie Quinn series, "The Case of the Killer Divorce," the second Jamie Quinn mystery, "Peril in the Park", and just released, "Engaged in Danger", the latest in the popular Jamie Quinn series.

My Review: This is another masterpiece novel by this talented author, featuring Jamie Quinn. This author is a natural storyteller. Her characters are so real that you will be cheering for our heroine from the first page. If I ever had to hire a family lawyer, I would hire Jamie Quinn. What a set o characters the author managed to develop. They are so richly described, so human and so full of life that I challenge you not to fall in love with them at first sight.

Mrs. Barbara description of places and situations is so real that I feel like I can see all the places she so vividly describes. 
In this particular episode, Jamie's boyfriend goes to Australia to work in a project, leaving Jamie for three months. During this period, Jamie reluctantly gets a high profile divorce case and manages to get in trouble multiple times, almost breaking friendship with Grace and almost having both of them killed. And of course, Duke is present at his best, as always.

This book has an excellent plot and no doubts is another smashing success for Mrs. Barbara.
I recommend this book to all those readers who appreciate a very well written mystery novel. It will keep you entertained for hours!

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