Monday, September 7, 2015

Book "The Victor's Heritage" by Anthony Caplan

About the Book: Corrag is a Democravian teenager, smart, funny and bold. Maybe too bold. It is 2045. America has been shattered into two countries -- Democravia and the Republican Homeland. Peace between the two continental rivals is always fragile. An ill-fated escapade with her boyfriend launches Corrag on a journey of revolutionary impact, driving her to exile in the Nenkaja from which there is no escape. Will she ever find a place for herself in a society dominated by a corrupt AI elite?

About the Author: Anthony Caplan is a teacher, farmer and writer living in New Hampshire. He is also the author of Birdman, French Pond Road and Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home. He teaches high school Spanish. Formerly, he worked as a reporter in Central America, Venezuela and the UK for the Associated Press and United Press International.

My Review: The author did a magnificent job creating a futuristic America split in two countries. Democravia is the country where young people have to go through a procedure called "The Augment". With that procedure, all your emotions (and free will) are controlled and guided, all in benefit of a greater cause. A young girl (Corrag) rebels against having to do the procedure and is sent by her parents to leave in a community outside their controlled region, in the Republican Homeland, with her uncle and aunt. And soon a whole new situation takes place and status quo is challenged. This is a very action intense book, full of twists and excitement, that will keep you entertained for hours.
Technically the book is the second in the series called "The Jonah Trilogy", the first being "Savior", but you can read it as a complete stand alone book, without losing any connectivity, as this story only mentions a couple of times events that are related to the first story. The main link is that our main character in this book technically is the granddaughter of Al Lyon, the main character of Savior. If you have money to buy and time to read, Savior is also an excellent and entertaining reading, and you can read my review on this book here.

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