Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book "The Circle of Sorcerers" by Brian Kittrell

About the Book: When Laedron Telpist's sorcery training is interrupted by a knock on the door, what once seemed a proper profession must now be hidden. In a world where priests and mages vie for the limitless power of the elements and a new Grand Vicar has sworn death to all sorcerers, Laedron is tossed into a nightmare which would see his destruction at every turn. From the home shores in western Sorbia, through the Cael'Brilland heartlands, and even across the seas to the great city of Azura, Laedron finds himself embracing old friends, consorting with unlikely allies, and confronting potent enemies. As he struggles to train himself in spellcraft, Laedron must face that he lives in a time when the utterance of a simple spell could be the signature on his death warrant. The Consuls of the Vicariate, Book #2 of the Mages of Bloodmyr Series, and The Immortals of Myrdwyer, Book #3 of the Mages of Bloodmyr Series, are now available.

About the Author: Brian Kittrell is a speculative fiction writer in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres. He has sold over 15,000 copies of his books worldwide as of October, 2012. He is a communications officer with his local police department, having begun his career in law enforcement in 2006 as a detention officer. He intends to continue writing and publishing while serving his community in the capacity of an E911 police and fire dispatcher. He was married to his wife Elizabeth in 2009, and they have two children. Publications include: The Circle of Sorcerers: A Mages of Bloodmyr Novel: Book #1 (2011, Late Nite), and The Consuls of the Vicariate (2012, Late Nite), The Immortals of Myrdwyer (2012, Late Nite), and The Dying Times second edition (2012, Late Nite).

My Review: This is the first book of a trilogy named "The Mages of Bloodmyr". It is a very entertaining reading with an easy plot. Laedron is a young sorcerer. His mother is powerful, but he has to learn how to develop his own power through a professor called Ismerelda. The story develops on how the church condemns the sorcerers and how the persecution started. He makes alliance with a group a knights that he is sworn to protect, among which is his best friend Marac. Their brotherhood have a plan to overthrown the church, but it looks like it is a suicide mission and Laedron's group of knights is assigned to this mission. Very well developed characters, very well described world, this is a very well written book that will keep your attention to the end and you will be willing to read the sequel, which I will be doing next.
I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader who love to be entertained during a weekend with a fantasy theme. It took me around 11 hours to read the whole book.
This book was written by Brian Kittrell and it was published by Late Night Books in October of 2011. 

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