We are Rebuilding this Blog!

We are Rebuilding this Blog!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Balance of October

During the month of October, I read/watched and reviewed the following:

- "Only Time Will Tell" by Jeffrey Archer. Read my review.
- "Android Application Development in 24 Hours" by Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder. Read my review.
- "Discover Peru" a Travel Guide by Lonely Planet - Carolina A. Miranda et al. Read my review.
- "The God Pocket" by Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp. Read my review.
- "Windows Phone 7 Programming for Android and iOS Developers" by Zhinan Zhou et al. Read my review.
- "Bible Stories for Preschoolers" by B.Swanberg et al. Read my review.
- "Hope Underground" by Carlos Parra Díaz. Read my review.
- "The Book of Man" by William J.Bennett. Read my review.
- "A Horrible Way to Die" (2010). Read my review.
Other Products:
- "T225 Universal Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone" by Motorola. Read my review.

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